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Brett McFall (R) with Client

Brett McFall (R) with Client

Bret McFall, an Australian Internet Marketing success story, used to get paid $2,500 just to ask a single question over and over again.  This question, asked correctly and repeatedly, can take your business from mediocrity to success in no time.  Check out the link below to his blog and 10-minute video.

Brett’s question, by the way, is only the FIRST STEP in the Logical Soul ™ 4-Step process, and is called the “Interview.” The other three steps – Discovery, Access, and Resolution – are equally as powerful, and can be learned by anyone very quickly.

Watch Brett’s technique, and know that you can use this process with almost any problem.  Then plan to attend a Meetup Group session, or learn Michael’s 4-Step process from one of the soon-to-be-available workshops, online training course, or private session series.  Subscribe to this blog to get up-to-date notice of any and all programs as they come available.

Here is the video link:


My wife, Brigitte, returned recently from a visit to a chiropractic friend of mine whose work I admire greatly.  She told me he was using some of the Logical Soul(tm) concepts in conjunction with his other modalities, and said that he helped her greatly.  I tested her and, sure enough, the changes she reported appeared to be holding.

The next day, Brigitte reported feeling strange, so I tested her again.  Suddenly, the same statements that tested strong the day before were now testing weak.

I then asked her to describe the session in more detail.  She reported that he tested statements – similarly to the way I teach – and “did some points and prayed” so that the changes could stay anchored.  The changes, however, were not anchored, and I realized why.

In my work and courses I teach, there are Four Phases of the Logical Soul ™ process.  The last two phases involve what I call Access to hidden decisions using “personal archetypes,” and Resolution where the changes are anchored into the body and nervous system.

While all phases were followed in sequence, my chiropractic friend apparently threw in his own version of what “access” and “resolution” meant without determining that from his patient, my wife.  By “praying” for her, instead of asking and allowing my wife to bring in her own archetypal images or prayers, he effectively short-circuited the whole process.

While there was no harm done in this instance (the first rule of Hippocrates), my wife knew what was supposed to happen.  Her reports was based on her long experience with my work;  otherwise this doctor’s lack of using the Logical Soul ™ “protocol” would never have been discovered.

By the way, this is not meant to criticize my friends intentions or his dedication to healing, which I hold in high regard.  I only point out that he, and many healers, often forget something fundamentally important to the healing process . . .

The principle of non-interference.

D.D. Palmer

D.D. Palmer

How often do doctors trust lab tests and examinations more than they do the word of their patients? It seems to be the rule, rather than the exception.

In too many instances doctors presume to “know” what is best for their  patients without even asking them!  While I can understand this attitude in medical doctors (because their learned paradigm is based on “fixing” people), it is harder to understand why doctors of “natural methods” simply forget this important principle of non-interference!

Even chiropractors, the ones whose original philosophy strongly embraces this principle, often assert their own preference first.  In failing to listen to the patient’s conscious or subconscious needs, the internal healing force cannot do its work.  D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic in 1895, called this healing force “Innate,” and declared there is no other force stronger or more intelligent for human health and happiness . . . when given a chance to express itself fully.

The phrase  “Nature needs no help, just no interference” also applies to the practice of the Logical Soul(tm).

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The Logical Soul: A New Paradigm

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Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)

The Logical Soul ™ represents a new paradigm – or world view – about the way we look at our so-called “subconscious mind,” the field of motivation, and the way we transform ourselves from survival-based human beings needing therapy to what Abraham Maslow called “self-actualized” humans.

Maslow said that the level of needs of an individual governed their outward motivation.  For someone who did not have all his or her survival needs met, this is where they would remain . . . and act towards the world and others in a manner that reflected this inner need.

With the Logical Soul (tm), un-met survival needs are found, accessed, and changed, such that individual human evolution can take place more quickly and effortlessly. While this technique fills a very great need and its results are astounding, however, its widespread use may take a while to become established.

The reason?  Established paradigms will not allow it to spread too quickly, if at all.  A paradigm – or world view – when accepted by most members of a population, tend to become entrenched in that same population, and remains entrenched until usurped by another.

For illustration of this phenomenon,  let’s look at what happened to Swiss watches . . .

For centuries, the Swiss had a corner on the watch-making industry and market.   “Swiss-made” was synonymous with quality watch-making, and  no one outside of Switzerland dared to challenge those craftsmen . . . until someone did.

Sometime around the mid-1900s’ a technology called “digital timekeeping” became possible.  It was only logical, therefore, that the Swiss should capture and utilize this rising technology because, after all, they were the captains of that industry!

That’s not what happened.  The Swiss craftsmen could see no value in digital watches, and expressed disdain for anything that didn’t have little gears and a clock face – their field of expertise.

The problem was that digital watches were here to stay.  They kept better time, had fewer working parts, and came at a much lower cost.  The Swiss, unaware that a fundamental change had just taken place, ignored the chance to capitalize on this change.  Instead, the Japanese captured it and never looked back.

Today, even quality watches are digital, and Swiss watches are more of a novelty than a necessity.  The watch industry there never quite recovered from the paradigm shift that invaded their little hamlets.

Like that, the Logical Soul ™ is based on a different paradigm (“holistic”) rather than the existing – and dominant – “medical model” followed by most doctors and therapists.  Consequently, it will require more effort to educate people over time of the excellent and far-reaching benefits.

The “holistic model” of care and self-actualization, however, requires a bit of education – and most people tend to accept the norm rather than expend effort to learn a new approach.

The shift, however, is taking place.  It is only a matter of time before there is a paradigm shift in the population and alternatives become mainstream.

In future posts I will explore the rise and fall of the medical model and other paradigms, and how their dominance affects not only your health care costs, but all aspects that are connected to it, like politics.

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Logical Soul Classes Planned

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For those of you who have been asking me when I was going to make available Logical Soul ™ classes and courses, your wait is soon over.

Beginning in February, 2010, you will be able to be a part of any one of three levels of training for the technique.  A membership site (linked to this blog) will allow you to sign up as a Bronze, Gold or Platinum member, and will be very reasonably priced to allow all to take part. Each level will give you the “how to” steps in order to use the technique to

  1. overcome all levels of self-sabotage,
  2. increase your wealth,
  3. build solid relationships, and
  4. develop your full mental and physical potential.

The levels will differ, however, in the amount of content will be available, as well as the amount of personal attention you will receive.  The highest level – Platinum membership – will come with ALL levels of instruction, and include private sessions and live workshops as part of the membership.

LSBookImage2All membership levels, however, are designed to make you proficient in overcoming self-sabotage in daily life and creating rapid success. My goal is to make the Logical Soul(tm) available to everyone on earth, and (with the help of you and others) will do everything I can to make sure this happens.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details coming soon.  I also urge you to buy the book and/or sign up for the free E-zine to make sure you are notified first about the early-sign-up discounts!!

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Brigitte & Michael Craig

Brigitte & Michael Craig

Today on Blog Talk Radio you can find out how to create powerful and lasting relationships, no matter how difficult that may seem.

But the key to the Holy Grail of Marriage was not fast in coming.  Over the past 15 years of being married to Brigitte (Soma), I have slowly but magically transformed myself from being a total jerk to a wonderful, loving husband . . . and all we’ve done is use the Logical Soul(tm) technique to work through any problems that come up.

“We would not be together if it weren’t for the Logical Soul. . . “

This is the sentence that Brigitte recites to me at least once a week, and more on holidays.  Today (Tuesday, Jan. 5th) she is my guest on Logical Soul Talk at 6 pm ET to talk about this very topic:  How to stay together and learn to REALLY love each other! It should be very informative for anyone looking to make their marriage or relationship happier, sexier, and more fulfilling.

In addition to the whole “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus” thing,  most arguments that couples have stem from the fact that they don’t know themselves . . . let alone their partners!  Brigitte and I will explore how the phenomenon of psychological projection is the biggest enemy of marital peace . . .  and how you can determine when you are blaming your partner for some pain or insult you experienced from someone else decades ago!

Sometimes this emotional pain is not even yours, but something you picked up from a friend, a relative, or even an ancestor!!

Tune in today or call (347) 843-4544 at 6 pm for the answers.  It should be a powerful show – full of practical tips on how to make your marriage or relationship rise to heights you might never dream is possible!

In previous posts, I’ve often referred to the twin phenomena called the “Seed of Failure” (SOF) and the “Seed of Success” (SOS). My view is that that those whose lives are branded with the SOF – through no fault of their own – simply cannot succeed over the long term, no matter how hard they try.  SOS kids, on the other hand, grow up to eventually hone in on money and success at some point in their lives when the success “seed” kicks in.

I further theorized that, because of hidden decisions we made as small children, “success” as we define it in this world is not an option for SOF people.  I reasoned that the rare SOS folks have both the drive to succeed AND the proper early modeling to make crucial success decisions.  These people CAN and WILL succeed because their “success thermostats” are set pretty much on autopilot.  They simply love the thrill and taste of success.

Some recent child psychology studies in the Netherlands have provided an element of validation for this idea of success based on early decisions:

“Most of us have genes that make us as hardy as dandelions: able to take root and survive almost anywhere. A few of us, however, are more like the orchid: fragile and fickle, but capable of blooming spectacularly if given greenhouse care.  So holds a provocative new theory of genetics, which asserts that the very genes that give us the most trouble as a species, causing behaviors that are self-destructive and antisocial, also underlie humankind’s phenomenal adaptability and evolutionary success. With a bad environment and poor parenting, orchid children can end up depressed, drug-addicted, or in jail ”but with the right environment and good parenting, they can grow up to be society’s most creative, successful, and happy people . . .”

So states part of the article by David Dobbs in the December, 2009 issue of Atlantic Magazine.  Dobbs is reporting on the studies that began in 2004 by Dr. Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, a child and family professor at Leiden University.

Prof. Bakermans-Kranenburg

Prof. Bakermans-Kranenburg

Over time and using certain behavior-modification techniques, Dr. Bakermans-Kranenburg was able to determine that roughly 15 to 20% of all children are born with a tendency to be more fragile, ficle, and sensitive than other children.  She called these kids with genetic vulnerability “orchids” as opposed to the majority of children who need less nurturing.  She refers to the hardy majority as “dandelions” since they appeared to be the “normal, healthy children” who exhibit less “biological sensitivity.”

Apparently, the Orchid Children – depending on their parental influences – can develop into either the inventive geniuses and creative, prolific artists  of our society . . . or those who sink into ADHD, bi-polar behavior, addiction, aggressive anti-social behavior and crime.

In my book The Logical Soul(tm) I talk about “The Great Ones” and those rare other who will not succeed simply because their hidden decisions.  The “Orchid Hypothesis” is in operation in both of these, but the triggers are different.

With the “SOF orchid types” the hidden decisions are so deep there is a hidden loop of subconscious reasoning that prevents them from contacting – and changing – the very decisions that have them stuck in this loop.  On the other hand the SOS orchid types, while they may experience hardships, trials and tribulations, can burst forth to their full potential because the hidden decisions they made are modeled after strong, nurturing parents or guardians.

The LS technique is for anyone who feels stuck and wants to move forward;  but can also be very powerful to those “Orchids” who have an opening to get access to those deepest hidden decisions.  THESE people are the ones who can explode upon awakening . . . folks like my friend Ken Jensen, a former Bi-Polar Marine who found his way out.

For all of us, however, the sky’s the limit.  Literally.

Usually when I’m doing sessions with clients or patients, it’s all based on conversation and instant feedback.  When you are doing this work from home, however, it might help you to write down detailed descriptions of your current problem or issue. Then stop and feel how this problem is in your body.

Let’s say, for instance that you have a general feeling of failure. Begin to list or itemize the cost of this failure, e.g., what it has cost you in terms of loss of money, loss of respect from your family and others; disappointment, fear, and descent into a world of unhappiness and irrelevance.

Once this feeling is at its peak, notice the effect on your body.  Where is the tightness?  Then ask a thought to arise within you that represents this feeling . . . pull out of your mental/emotional file the very first time you remember failing or being criticized. Feel the energy surrounding that failure.  Notice the stress in your body.

If the emotion is at a peak – and the feeling is present in the body – look for some statement to arise.  Look to see if something comes to mind that summarizes this anger, fear, disappointment, humiliation or regret.  If so, verbalize it.  Write it down.  What statement would make you want to lash out at something? Be angry at something?

If nothing arises, just be with the feeling for awhile.  Be patient. Remember, this has been with you, like, forever. Wait for some thought to come up having to do with the very first time you remember feeling this failure, feeling this anger; feeling this inability to succeed, whatever reason.  This is because you had that same feeling at one point and the memory still resides in your body and nervous system.

The earliest remembered feeling (and corresponding thought) that comes up is usually tied with some judgment or decision you made about that experience.  This would be a decision tied to the Seed of Failure (SOF) for this particular issue.

In other words, let’s just say you were very small and you were criticized.  I remember I was very small and I had this general store that I had built out of cardboard.  It was in my front yard, and I sold comic books and candy that I’d collected from Halloween to the neighborhood kids.

I was real proud of my cardboard store.  I was a little kid acting all grown up and being a business person.  I was playing business, and actually succeeding: I made more than my allowance, and it was all profit since I usually got my inventory for free.

I also remember my dad walking up to me, playing the role of government agent I suppose, and he fires a couple of questions at me:

“Do you have a business license?”

“Are you going to file your tax returns and pay taxes?”

Now, obviously he was kidding, but it still had a deep effect as a child.  I remember feeling shocked; shut down.  I didn’t have these things, and had no idea what they were, how to get them, or what would happen to me in my ignorance.  And for years and years after that, I felt shut down.

I had made a decision “I don’t know enough.”  Then I forgot about it.

My body, however, did not forget about it. It was in my physiology.  I spent the rest of my life trying to overcompensate for what I felt was my profound ignorance on such matters.  I learned how to set up corporations.  I even studied the Internal Revenue Code and regulations, for Pete’s sake!

When my physiology became involved at that critical age of ten, everything that I did from then on was somehow connected to that failure to please my Dad.  In this sense, it also became a general decision that he would always know more than I did – something I was unable to shed until years after his death.

I took my Dad’s kidding a certain way.  As kids, we take a lot of things a certain way.  So, failure goes deep within our physiology based primarily on not being able to interpret events correctly.  I took the words “not having a business license” and made up a story about how I’m not smart enough, and the hidden decisions that were spawned by this feeling.

So the way you find the seed of failure is first to feel it inside your gut. What does that feel like?

  • Close your eyes.
  • Go back to the very first time you remember feeling that way
  • Listen for the decision about that particular feeling.
  • Write it down.

The next step is to create a statement or affirmation that is the opposite of your negative one.  “I choose to fail in business,” for example might be “I choose to succeed in business,” or whatever it is.

Then muscle test the positive statement.  If “I choose to succeed” goes weak, then you’ve hit on at least part of the SOF.   At that point, return to the first time you remember feeling where that wasn’t so.  That thought, that decision that you made, is the thought you need to work with.

That is the decision that can be changed.

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Mind Detox with Logical Soul

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The Logical Soul(tm) is a method whereby the mind can detox naturally by addressing both the conscious and subconscious yearnings for happiness.  This happiness can take two forms:  restful and active. similar to meditation, the Logical Soul(tm) technique allows the mind to go to a place of resolution where it finds the greatest happiness, both inside and out.

Sometimes this resolution will be restful, and sometimes active, depending on the need of the person at the time.  I learned over the years that there is a way to harness the power of what Maharishi called “the inward and outward strokes” to where it can have a faster and more direct effect on the mind and body than merely waiting for those effects to surface through years of meditation.

Group Meditation

Group Meditation

I used to teach meditation (Transcendental Meditation, or TM) back in the 70’s.  One of the biggest complaints I would hear from people at the time was “I can’t meditate; my mind is too busy.”

In fact, I still hear this from my wife whenever I suggest sitting and closing our eyes.  She practiced a different “meditation” – what I call the “Hoopin and Hollerin” a.k.a. Dynamic Meditation. Followers of OSHO – a.k.a. Sri Rajneesh – learned this in India and on “the Ranch” in Oregon in the 70’s and 80’s as a sort of cathartic release method that ended with silent eyes-closed meditation.

Although I’ve tried Dynamic, I much prefer doing a few Asanas or yogic postures, then sitting comfortably with eyes-closed. It more adequately addresses my need to be lazy.  I start from where I am (lazy) and go within rather effortlessly. My mind will detox naturally, beginning from a relaxed state.

active meditation

active meditation

The key here is: start where you are. If you are the very active type (like my wife Brigitte), you are usually in a state of motion.  Therefore it is only logical that you start there.  Personally, I find this approach taxing to my system, so I seldom do it. My “active meditation” is to do Logical Soul(tm) sessions and ride my unicycle.

Different strokes . . .

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Dr. Craig

Dr. Craig

Dr. Michael Craig is the guest on Barbara Hoffmeister’s “To Be” Blog Talk Radio Program today at 1 pm at The call-in number is (347) 934-0524.

Dr. Craig will be discussing his upcoming book, The Logical Soul, and talk about the discovery of this technique, and the effect it has had on his life and the lives of others.

Join us!

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