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If you want to REALLY change your life for the price of a cheap meal, read on...  

This explosive book by Michael Craig traces his steps from frustration, drama,
loss, fear and self-sabotage to a life of happiness, success and fulfilling relationships.  

Learn how
his discovery of a powerful-but-simple technique
can forever change the
way you think about the Law of Attraction.
From steps taken in early
childhood to the jungles of  Sri Lanka, 
Dr. Craig weaves a fascinating story of
love, loss, fear and redemption.  
He ALSO provides a practical 
method to detox both mind and body,
eliminate hidden self-sabotage, and dramatically
improve your
happiness and perception of life and reality . . . often in minutes!

The Logical Soul(R)
"Eliminate Self-Sabotage in 30 Minutes or Less
For Success, Wealth, Love and Happiness!"

The Large Paperback Edition (6x9, 300 pages)
Foreword by Dr. Brenda Wade;
With Footnotes, Appendices and Index is
Now Available through 

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"The Logical Soul(R) is an approach that has both depth and
breadth . . . I’d like to know more about how we can use it
to change patterns in the brain, and how we can make a
profound difference in the lives of those willing to take the
powerful step towards this work."
           - Dr. Brenda Wade
                                                                Psychologist, Author,
                                                                TV Host & Keynote Speaker,
                                                                from the Foreword

"It's totally law of attraction, it's totally responsibility,
it's totally taking charge of your life. I love it . . .
We're in perfect resonance!  I'm yours; you got me at 'hello'!"
                                                                - Raymond Aaron
                                                                The "Double Your Income Guy"
                                                                Speaker, author, coach

"In my years of hanging around successful people long enough
to become one myself, I'm convinced that you absolutely need
both an INTENSE DESIRE and EXTREME FOCUS in order to
achieve the success you deserve and desire.  This book helps
unlock these secrets, and is a definite MUST READ!"         
                                                                - Devon Brown
Success Coach and Mentor