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Dr. Michael Craig

Michael Craig is a former chiropractor and meditation instructor, and is a pioneer in the field of “motivation cybernetics,” or methods of achieving success through personal transformation and feedback.  His Logical Soul® method is designed to uncover hidden or “archetypal” decisions blocking growth and success.
He is the author of several books including The Logical Soul®, The Money Matrix Method(tm), The Six Figure Coach, and an adventure novel.  He was also the host of a weekly blog talk radio program called Logical Soul Talk for over 5 years.  This show featured guests from all walks of life who talked about their own lives, successes and transformations.
Dr. Craig’s mission for coaches and clients is “Success through transformation,” and his theory is that genuine success springs from the natural tendency of the mind to go towards greater and greater happiness.  This theory has been field-tested in his own life, and in the lives of hundreds of others.
In 2012, Dr. Craig established his Logical Soul® Training program as a unique approach to helping coaches and others succeed in both their business or practice, and in their own lives.
Having himself come from a long history of self-sabotage and failure, Michael tried all the success motivation and self-improvement techniques available at the time with little results.  He found that many others also had the same trouble breaking through to discovering their own inner motivations, and set out to change this for himself and others.
Michael’s journey into self-discovery began at an early age in the 1960’s when he underwent a couple of awakening experiences that opened up his inner world, and the desire to heal himself and others. His lifelong mission thereafter was to find an answer to the dual problems of suffering and lack.
Although he first majored in psychology in college, he quit after realizing that classical therapy approaches were not addressing the deepest needs of humanity.  He instead discovered the joy and power of providing alternatives to folks in the form of (TM) meditation and chiropractic care.
In 1987, Dr. Craig traveled to Sri Lanka to study and work in an alternative medical hospital using acupuncture, homeopathy and other alternative modalities. It was here that he  experienced recurring miracles, along with a growing sense that it was our limited conscious capacity in the west that kept us bound up and far removed from the miracle mindset.
He sought to bring more miracles into his own life and the lives of others. This led to his stumbling upon the magic of Huna, and the development of the Logical Soul® and the Money Matrix Method(tm) as ways to eliminate  what he calls“Success Sabotage Syndrome” that affects all aspects of our lives.
In 1992, Michael accidentally discovered access to this realm of “archetypal” or “hidden decisions” and spent the next 18 years studying and using a technique that allowed this transformation to “stick” and provide the basis for a happy life in all areas of life:  mental, emotional, physical, and financial.
He says the key to getting access to these hidden decisions has to be based on getting permission from our subconscious, not though manipulation. Instead of hypnosis, he relies on “conferences” with the “subconscious decision maker” to resolve any blocks or impasses that arise.
Michael and his wife Brigitte continue to grow as a couple, personally and professionally, as a result of harnessing his unique discoveries.  Brigitte is fond of pointing out that “we would not be together if not for Michael’s work!”
Dr. Craig is currently teaching, coaching, lecturing and developing online and other programs to expand his work.  He and his wife have been married and live in the Atlanta area (since 1995), and travel extensively.  If you want him as a keynote speaker or presenter at your next event, contact him online, or write him at:
Logical Soul LLC
6050 Peachtree Parkway, Ste 240-340
Norcross, GA  30092 (USA)