Alkalinity: The First Step of an Effective Detox


A few days ago, I pointed out there are FOUR FACTORS to consider if you want to go on an effective detox program.  The first – and the most important for your body – is to ALKALIZE. This basically means getting the pH in your bloodstream UP, since most people – especially those who are sick and overweight – are way too acidic.

The best diet to bring about such a condition?  Raw, high-water content vegetables and fruits.

The idea of eating raw fruits and vegetables for better health – as well as drinking raw vegetable and fruit juices – is not new.  There have been many theories of WHY this is so ever since Aristotle extolled the virtues of grapes and Kellog’s Sanatorium pushed their own brand of eat-breathe-exercise regimens on a health-seeking public.

Depending on who you ask – a medical doctor, nutritionist, dietitian, or chiropractor – you will get a myriad of different answers as the the “ideal diet” and why you should stick to theirs.

I’m not here to promote my own diet, nor do I wish to enter the never-ending debate on why one food is better than another.  I prefer to be my own guinea pig and report on findings as I experience them.  THEN I look for reasons to explain the results.  So here are my findings, in a nutshell:

My problem: Migraine headaches, low energy, low sex drive and decreased  motivation

My Experiment: Natural thyroid and testosterone supplementation, and ALKALIZING my diet – mostly by adding a quart of GREEN DRINK to my intake every day.

My results: Headaches completely gone, high energy & sex drive, and increased motivation and optimism.

The Reason? Listen to Dr. Robert Young who presents the best theory I’ve heard to explain my success . . .

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