Awakening: Logical Soul Talk Interview with Becky Finley

Becky Finley

Becky Finley

On Logical Soul Talk tomorrow (Tuesday, November 10 at 6 pm on I interview Becky Finley.

Becky says she had an “Awakening” a few years back and basically “disappeared”  as one who identifies herself as a single individual.

While this may sound a bit strange to most of us, the idea of awakening has ancient roots, and is spoken of with some regularity by the likes of Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now), Deepak Chopra (The Third Jesus), Tony Parsons (The Open Secret), and Satyam Nadeen (From Onions to Pearls). While eastern religions often speak of “enlightened beings,” this – according to Becky and many of the authors mentioned – is a fictitious idea.

“There is no such thing as an enlightened person,” states Becky flatly,  echoing the words of Tony Parsons et al.  “A so-called awakening experience happens, but it never happens to anyone!  Once awakening dawns, the understanding becomes ‘There IS no one,’ so how could someone have an experience?  How could they ‘become enlightened?'”

“Enlightenment,” according to Finley, is a state of being, but it “happens” to no one in particular since the so-called “person” has already disappeared. In fact,  Becky points out that – really – NO ONE is actually here . . . that this is part of the universal illusion, the “maya” spoken of in ancient sacred texts.

Ms. Finley is a close friend with Satyam Nadeen, who declined to appear on my program.  Nadeen emphasized he now lives the “life of a recluse” and no longer does interviews, workshops or Satsangs.  Nadeen basically stated that “there is nothing to say” – implying the deepening of experience.

Becky apparently has no problem speaking about this admittedly esoteric subject.   She was with Nadeen at the time I called and graciously agreed to appear in his stead.  She will also be happy to answer call-in questions and address any comments you may have.

As a side note, Becky is mentioned in my book The Logical Soul as the first person with whom I used the technique.  As such, she has a special place in my heart, and can shed much light on how this Awakening process unfolds.

Mark your calendar, set your clock and DON’T MISS THIS SHOW!!  It should be quite unique.


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