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A “Soul Whisperer” – like a horse or dog whisperer – is one who must approach his subject with respect, silent awareness, non-violence and loving invitation. This is the path of the Logical Soul(tm).

“Soul whispering” is a skill modern-day psychologists or therapists need to cultivate if they want to fundamentally transform a person’s life.  Otherwise, change becomes short-term or takes a long time with mixed results.

Let me explain.

To many times, drugs are involved in taking care of the so-called mentally-ill.  This has less to do with the patient’s real needs and more to do with the needs of the doctor, the hospital, or society.  A patient “off his meds” is seen as a hazard to those around him and must be contained.

What would happen, however, if we took a radical new approach to mental illness – as some therapists are doing, and began to see instead the fundamental hidden logic of a patient’s thoughts and actions as the key to his or her recovery??  By negotiating a slight shift in direction, we also harness the power and strength of the so-called “subconscious” to fulfill ALL needs, including those of society and the doctor!

“Soul whispering” is a whole new paradigm of mental health.  It involves NO  drugs, hypnosis, or forced re-direction of the mind or subconscious.  It is gentle, kind, non-violent, and holistic.  This type of therapy would “invite” the person’s subconscious to integrate itself – something that happens on a regular basis with the Logical Soul(tm).


A friend of mine recently recommended to me as a guest on my radio show a certain “mind therapist” who specializes in re-programming unwanted behavior patterns in patients.  While I really love and respect my friend, and feel this person has something to offer, I hesitated because so many similar therapies are not compatible with the Logical Soul(tm).  Here’s why:

I did a lot of brainwave reprogramming on myself and others in the mid-1980’s, including theta learning during early sleep stages.  While it definitely worked – especially short-term – there seemed to be an inner rebellion going on in my consciousness . . . as if part of me were taken hostage without consent.

After many more years of trial and error I came to recognize a separate BEING inside each of us that is non-verbal, and extremely potent.  While techniques that attempt to “reprogram” this being vary in success, the one thing I’ve found with all of them is that they lack respect for the integrity of our inner being. By treated this being as a “thing,” i.e., “the subconscious,” we run the risk of cutting off the very communication we are trying to establish, and lose the upper hand in any negotiation to change hidden decisions – a domain governed by this inner being.

It’s a very subtle point of distinction, but the very key needed to unlock true access to inner transformation for those who lack the seed of success.  (BTW, for those who already HAVE the seed of success, it doesn’t matter.  Any approach they choose usually works.  This is why it’s so difficult for many successful folks to understand why EVERYONE doesn’t succeed!!)

After my discovery, I found that the Hawaiian Kahunas also had a practical cosmology that respected this inner being.  I do, in fact, now pattern much of my work around Huna.    Whenever I do sessions, I take great care to communicate directly with this being without blocking out the conscious mind.  The “Access” component to both selves is critical in changing hidden decisions – the basis of all programming.

By “re-programming” WITHOUT Access, there is a subtle trust violation, and the inner being begins to put up more of a wall than was there before.  Sometimes, in fact, the problem becomes MORE acute, not less, and drugs or other invasive procedures become the only alternative.

NON-VIOLENCE is a cornerstone of Indian Vedic philosophy, and worked for Gandhi and Dr. martin Luther King, Jr. in overturning the existing social order.  This technique ALSO works on the subconscious.

Learn it.  Use it, and transformation is yours!

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