Best of Logical Soul Talk 4: Devon Brown

devon brown

Devon Brown: Success Renegade

Devon Brown is the “Success Renegade” and “coach’s coach” brings a high level of energy into everything he does. In a 30-minute pre-recorded interview on Tuesday, September 24, 2012 at 6 pm ET Devon will reveal the secrets of his success and how anyone can make it as a coach or entrepreneur if you have the right mix of attitude and determination.   This is the final re-podcast of four in the month of September – our   “Best of Logical Soul Talk” series.  You can tune in using your computer or smartphone.

Devon has helped dozens of his clients achieve a six-figure income and more in the online marketing niche.  In this interview, he also reveals a strategy he believes will help coaches rise to the highest level of achievement and financial independence.   He also will answer questions like:  How do you get started online as a coach?  How do you build a list?  And much more.

Devon will also share with Dr. Craig’s audience during this interview the secrets of how he – a very much NON-technical person – was able to build a high six-figure income by harnessing the BIG IDEA that comes from within you. He will tell you how to build a list online, target your ideal client, and capitalize on your so-called failures.    This show – as with every “best of” series presentation – is full of useful content, so bring your pen and paper to take notes!!

This pre-recorded interview by Dr. Craig first aired on June 5, 2012 and is available on Blog Talk Radio for only a short time after the re-podcast.  Afterwards, you can hear it as part of our popular Mighty Mentor Series.

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