Big Change Coming for Logical Soul LLC


Jason with Michael

I just returned from a particularly powerful  Traffic Summit-Job Crusher launch at the W Hotel in Atlanta.

Great stuff.  So great, in fact, I hired two totally unheralded geniuses (“genii”?) to mentor me to a 6+ figure business in less than 6 months… Jason Fladlien from Iowa and Nick Peall from Brisbane, Australia are 2 of the smartest action-results-oriented young guys I’ve ever met, and look for their brightness to peak on the horizon within a year or two!

Personally, I just like hanging with 20-something, millionaire workaholics.  It just kicks my butt up the ladder several rungs at a time! Its also given me a whole new set of eyes to see where I was, and (more importantly) where I’m going.

Also connected with several potential JV partners and took tons of notes.  Whatever your field, don’t miss an opportunity to network with mentors who will literally PUSH you in the direction you already want to go!  This decision to hire a mentor will scare the heck out of you at first, but is the ONLY decision when you are ready to get results . . . rather than hoping and dreaming about getting results!

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