BioFeedback Versus Meditation


meditation or muscle testingSince I began using muscle testing as a simple bio-feedback technique as part of the Logical Soul® technique, I’ve sometimes come across those who seem confused about what it is, and how it is used. Some want to compare it to meditation, or vice-versa.

Let me say in the outset that I consider both biofeedback and meditation to be powerful tools for self-actualization. They are, however, vastly different tools.  Just as I consider an electric saw to be valuable for cutting wood, I would only use an electric drill to bore a hole.   Different tools for different purposes.


BioFeedback – whether it is the result of audio-visual feedback, or through the use of muscle testing or applied kinesiology – is a powerful tool for instant self-discovery. The simplest (and cheapest) form of bio-feedback is through the use of muscle testing or “kinesiology,” the study of muscle strength and movement.

While kinesiology or muscle testing has therapeutic uses, its use can also help us quickly and easily determine a “yes” or “no” answer to statements or affirmations. This is helpful for finding out whether or not your so-called “subconscious mind” (some say “right brain”)  is aligned with your conscious mind, or left brain. If you make the statement “I am alive,” chances are both “selves” will be in agreement.

If, however, you make statements that the subconscious (right brain) considers to be a “no,” or not true,  the muscle will test a little weak. This is immediately useful if you want to determine whether or not to trust someone, buy something, or engage in some sort of activity where the outcome is uncertain.

NOTE:  muscle testing is NOT a useful tool for prophesy, fortune-telling, or prediction. The “readings” can only determine your inner condition – whether of or against a particular outcome. Do you have the support of your subconscious mind (or intuition) for the success of this activity?  Or not?  This knowledge alone is enough of a reason to use bio-feedback.

Used in conjunction with a complete systems such as the Logical Soul®, muscle testing becomes a powerful tool for uncovering layers of hidden untruths that cloud your ability to succeed.  It is simple, universally available, and important as a NAVIGATIONAL TOOL when faced with inner doubts and fears.


Thousands of years ago, during Vedic Times on the Indian subcontinent, meditation was common practice and mankind was more inner-directed.  Its practice was considered as important as food or water, air and sunshine.  It was our direct link to God, the source of all survival, joy and self-awareness.

Through centuries of wars and shifting civilizations we lost our ability to connect with out source . . . to meditate.  Even today – in this so-called “enlightened age” – we are surrounded by the constant din of traffic,  electronic gadgets and media.  We are lucky to retain our sanity, much less remember our divine origins.

Over the years, meditation – our link with the Divine – was assigned to specialists:  prophets, seers, clergymen and poets. Even then we seldom listened to them except when our survival depended on it.

One of our modern seers was William Wordsworth (1770-1850) who wrote of his transcendental bliss in 1798:

      "That serene and blessed mood,
      In which the affections gently lead us on,--
      Until, the breath of this corporeal frame
      And even the motion of our human blood
      Almost suspended, we are laid asleep
      In body, and become a living soul:
      While with an eye made quiet by the power
      Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
      We see into the life of things."

Wordsworth described in verse what has been since measured and described as a state of deep meditation. Modern lab studies on the changing physiology during meditation showed that something, indeed, was happening when that “serene and blessed mood” kicked in! (The one thing our modern world HAS brought is the ability to re-discover these lost meditation techniques, and re-establish that inner guidance.)

Today, millions of people today practice some form of meditation. As a long-time meditator myself (for almost 40 years), I can vouch for its ability to bring me closer to my divine source and instill a sense of peace into every thought and activity.   Meditation is crucial in that it builds the FOUNDATION FOR INNER PEACE I believe everyone needs to have!


While meditation enlivens consciousness, it is not designed for problem-solving. The most effective meditation “experiences”  are non-specific. To get to “that serene and blessed mood” one must let go of all thought and concern, drifting into the state of “being” – the level where thought arises.  Over the years, the cumulative effects of “transcending” give us that inner peace we seek.

BUT WHAT IF WE HAVE A SPECIFIC PROBLEM?? To address a specific problem, you must be able to discover the SPECIFIC DECISION OR DECISIONS that gave rise to that problem.  If you want to attract more  money, for example, you need to know that any hidden, deep-rooted belief that “money cannot be spiritual” will stop you every time!

The Logical Soul® addresses these specific, hidden decisions.  And muscle testing, as the simplest form of biofeedback, can directly show us the condition of our inner landscape, i.e., our collection of hidden decisions.

Use both biofeedback AND meditation on our way to a joyful and self-actualized life!

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