Blog Talk Radio: Ken Jensen Returns!

Ken Jensen

Ken Jensen

Ken Jensen is a former Marine who had given up all hope of ever recovering from his frequent bouts with BiPolar disorder. Since his conversion to “natural healing,” however, his life has turned around 180 degrees.  So much so, in fact, that he has started addressing larger audiences with his message of hope, natural living and tapping inner motivation.

Ken previously spent his days counseling others on how to emerge victorious from a disease that has crippled the minds of millions worldwide.  He is also Michael’s guest for 30 minutes on Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 starting at 6 pm to talk about what’s been happening since he was on the show last year.

Go online, or call (347) 843-4544 if you want to ask Ken a question.

Ken is the author of the book It Takes Guts to Be Me: How an Ex-Marine Beat BiPolar Disorder. It was written, he says, as a sort of survival manual on how he survive his bipolar disorder. He explains:

“I was dying from it as my mind and body were failing. Prison, lockdown ward, and death were my coming future. I’d already lived through all three, to include death, but I was running out of juice to keep up the fight.

“I followed all doctors’ instructions to a ‘T’. By this, I mean I ate every pill they prescribed me for a six-year period. This equated to thousands of pills; over 100 individual prescriptions for almost every psychotropic applicable. I only got worse with each passing month.

“During my last psychiatric visit, the doctor told me he was just about out of options and he wasn’t hopeful. This news terrified me like nothing had before in my life. I was going to die, horribly insane. I decided to look elsewhere for help and luckily, I found it.

“I then began weaning myself off my meds, with the help of professionals, (NEVER just stop your meds!) while replacing them with nutrients I was lacking. I improved rapidly and for the first time since I’d been diagnosed, 6 years ago, I began to hope I’d be OK.

“I improved enough to realize I needed even more help to sort out all that was wrong with me. I’d been through too much trauma in too many areas to get away with just addressing nutrition, powerful, though that step was.

“And that’s where the rest of my system came from. I experimented on myself. I got ripped off and misled, frequently. Some tools were good but not meant for me. The items that worked, I kept. Now? You’d have to put a gun to my head to make me stop doing these steps that keep me healthy to this day. I have been meds-free for over two years.

“Just so we’re clear: I am no doctor but my system works. Thousands have proven many of the individual steps I espouse to be effective. This is without the addition of the rest of my steps. The testimonials of those who’d gone before me are what gave me the faith to try what I did. I simply combined the best of the best.  My reversal back to a œnormal individual, and my consequent bettering of myself to a level never before experienced, caused all who knew me to suggest authoring a book about my journey. The change was strikingly profound. That led me to some pros who helped me get to where I’m at now.

“I have two books written, and I’ve produced multiple articles, videos, and audio sessions all aimed at bringing others to what I know to be true. This project has recently morphed into a much broader goal of motivating people to do better in this life; to give hope to those who hear my story, no matter why they suffer. If I don’t maintain my vigilance, which is not hard at all, my bipolar will come back. I know this.

“But it is just one part of who I am and it is in my past. I work hard to build the life of my dreams and I want to take as many new friends with me as I can!”


  1. Delighted to have you back on the show Ken. Your story is always engaging, and you stand as a true light of inspiration to those who don’t know there is a way out of suffering!