Blog Talk Radio Interview with Don Sherrill: Athlete, Officer & Gentleman


Don Sherrill, Bench Press Champ

Don Sherrill, Bench Press Champ

Don Sherrill is a 65 year-old former Navy officer who currently works as an engineer and still yearns to be a successful entrepreneur.  Oh, by the way, he also bench presses almost DOUBLE his weight at the gym!!

That’s right, Don is a competitive athlete in the halls of sweat and testosterone – the world of competition weight-lifting. I’ll be interviewing Don on how he had the idea to get started in this endeavor, how it has affected his view on life and success, and how he plans to break the 300-pound personal-best bench-press mark.

Don has been using the Logical Soul to help his goals and performance, and I’ll be asking him how that’s progressing.

You can hear his interview by Michael Craig on Blog Talk Radio tonight (Tuesday, Nov. 24th) at 6 pm, or call into (347) 843-4544 to ask questions of Don or add a comment.

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