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janice edwards

Janice Edwards

Janice Edwards is an Emmy nominated producer best known for her work as a talk show host and executive producer, media consultant, published author and community leader.

In her interview with Michael on Logical Soul Talk (Tuesday, 6 pm ET; Call Hotline 347-843-4544), Janice Edwards will tell the story of  what it’s like to grow up a smart black woman in the south, and how she was able to leverage her talents and hop on to some really amazing opportunities, including speaker at the recent Love & Money Summit in San Francisco December 9-12.

Janice’s career in broadcasting began in Atlanta, Georgia, as co-host of a teen radio talk show. She graduated cum laude from Harvard; also from UC Berkeley School of Journalism, studied in Spain, then returned to California to live.

For years Janice served the Bay Area as Community Relations Director,  Host of “Bay Area Vista” on NBC,  and was voted best host of a non-news Program by AWRT.   Her notable interviews include Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Redford, John Travolta, Jerry Seinfeld, Les Brown and many others.

Ms. Edwards has been affiliated with the WWF, KPIX-TV, KRON-TV, and has many memberships and awards attached to her name and work.

Currently, she is the host and executive producer of “Bay Area Vista” airing Tuesdays at 6:30 pm (PT) on KCSM-TV and Thursday mornings on ION Media. Janice is also host and co-executive producer of her own show, “Signature Silicon Valley” (Tuesdays at 7:30pm on CreaTV) and her own company, Edwards Unlimited.

Don’t miss Michael’s interview with this dynamic personality!

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