Blog Talk Radio: Julie & Sarah on Raw Food

Julie and Sarah - Before

Julie and Sarah - Before Raw Foods

Several years ago, Sarah Woodward (right) was dying of ovarian cancer.  Then she and her friend Julie Hoffenberg went on a diet of raw and uncooked foods and fully recovered, look and feel great. Here their story today on Logical Soul Talk at6 pm ET or call  (347) 843-4544.

This experience prompted them to write a book on how to make the transition from cooked to raw foods, called The Healing Patch Cookbook – a compilation of their successful recipes.

Julie and Sarah - After Raw Foods

Dr. Craig will be asking them about their own transition, how they met, and

Julie and Sarah – After Raw Foods

their early training and formative decisions . . . and how this world was turned upside down!

Also – how on earth do you get KIDS to eat raw foods??!

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