Blog Talk Radio Series: So What Does It Take to Be a Life Coach?


logical soul talkBecoming a life coach takes more than simply getting some training, printing up business cards and hanging out your shingle.  You must have enough life experiences of your own that you can relate and advise your clients effectively.  More than that, you must be able to listen to others in such a way that you touch their heart and soul.  You also must be able to DEFINE what it is you actually do in order to attract clients!

Tune into Logical Soul Talk every Tuesday at 6 pm throughout January where Dr. Craig will discuss what the life coach profession is REALLY all about!  This series will include

Life coaching is really only for those dedicated to transforming – not merely changing – the lives of others.  In fact, the term “life coaching” is a misnomer, and Michael will discuss why this is so . . . and what is actually taking place!

Don’t miss the first of this series this Tuesday at 6!

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