Brittney Kara on Nutrition: The Silent Scandal


BrittneyKaraBookBrittney Kara, health and nutrition coach and author of the book The Silent Scandal: Stop the Toxic Attack on Your Bodies is convinced that Alien Pods have landed and are snatching away our bodies, one cell at a time . . . OK, so maybe I’m stretching it a bit . . . but she says “the food and drug industry definitely has an agenda . . . and making us healthier is NOT it! We have to focus on this ourselves!”

Tune into Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 6 pm to learn how the food and drug industries have co-opted your health care, and how you can start taking back this vital responsibility for better health, longer life, and happier living! You can tune into the show online, or call our show hotline at (347) 843-4544 and press “1” to raise your hand to ask the author a question.

Ms. Kara stresses that each person should know his or her own body, and what goes into it.  Tune in to find out the steps you can start taking NOW to protect yourself and your family!

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