C.F. Jackson Can Put You on TV!

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C.F. Jackson, Founder of iDefine TV

C.F. Jackson can make you a TV star!  Well, almost. . . you still have to do the work . . . but she adds “my program is a unique way of getting your content in front of millions of TV viewers worldwide.”

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Ms. Jackson, a small business Internet Marketer, recently stumbled across a unique way of promoting her clients – Internet TV.   She set out to create a way that her clients could take advantage of the large market of available TV viewers who now have access to the Internet, and called it iDefine TV.   Says Jackson: “iDefine is more than just entertainment; it’s about information that’s educational as well as instructional.”

Ms. Jackson explains that her program can benefit coaches, professionals, and experts in any field or endeavor who want to get more TV exposure.  She says this can happen through her partnership with Roku – a worldwide provider of TV programming.  Ms. Jackson features shows from experts and coaches in fitness, culinary arts, financial services, music, film, real estate, personal development and dozens of other areas.

She explains, however, that  iDefine TV is different than what you would expect from an entertainment source.

“Many are confused,”  she says “about the usage of Internet TV.  Many would see it as being a web based or something like YouTube. It’s not. It can be compared to, say, Netflix – an independent network that is carried on the same device (Roku) as Netflix.”


Tune in and learn how to get your own show on TVsooner than you thought possible! 

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