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Before the SecretBefore the Secret is a “new” book originally based on the work of Charles F. Haanel, a self-made entrepreneur.  Mr. Haanel published the book in 1912 as The Master Key System, and went on to reveal ideas that later became known as The Secret, The Law of Attraction, and even Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill!

Now is your chance to get a copy of this great work now, i.e.,  24 weeks of inspired lessons (a $50 Value) . . . for FREE! Visit and my friend R. Daniel Lutra will make sure you get a copy.  I don’t know how long this offer will last, so don’t delay!

While the information and writing may seem old, the ideas are as fresh as today.  Do this now, before you forget!

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New Book: Choose Success!

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Barbara Hofmeister

My friend Barbara Hofmeister’s new book is “To Be or Not to Be. The Choice is Yours” and is available now – along with 47 BONUS SUCCESS gifts from  Here are some excerpts from the book (and remember, English is a second language to her):

“The little girl was standing tiptoe on the old brown sofa that served as her
bed at night. She pressed her cheek against the window pane trying to look
down the five stories to the busy street below. But as much as she craned
her head, their little attic room was too high up and the window too small to
see what was going on below. She signed and slipped down again behind
the kitchen table. She really wished her mother would be home to keep her
company and help her with her homework.

“But Mom was still at work and when she finally came home she would be

Barbara's New Book

much too tired to be any fun. “Since they had fled East Germany life had changed dramatically. Nobody had time for her anymore and she had left all her friends behind. No more roaming the countryside with her German Sheppard, no more feeding and teasing the chickens with her best friend Christine, no more climbing fences and trees with her cousins. No more beautiful pink little girls room, no more warm kitchen with Mummy cooking her favorite dinner, no more laughter with Grandma who could tell such lovely stories. There seemed to be nothing anymore…

“Not even Sunday morning tickling sessions with Dad.  Tears started running down her cheeks. She didn’t understand – WHY?  Why did they have to leave??? They had everything before – their own house, a car, even a TV and a telephone – the only one in the village. They had it ALL and loads of friends and a loving family. Why change this for nothing?

“Now they only had this small, ugly attic room which served as home to all 3
of them. Not even a bathroom, just a sink and the toilet was 2 floors down.
Her Dad said it had to do. Maybe he didn’t mind so much. He was away all
week. He worked as a truck driver and only came home Friday night or
even Saturday morning and left again on Sunday. Maybe for him it was ok
but somehow she didn’t think so because there was no laughter when he
was at home and his nerves seemed frayed. And almost every Saturday he
took Mummy to the cinema. He said it was to let his little girl sleep. Why
couldn’t he understand that she would rather not sleep then be alone –
once again.

“Sometime she thought he did not love her anymore. How else could she
explain the harassed look on his face, their continuous arguments about her
education and about money. That definitely was a problem. There never
seemed to be enough of it. She knew it was the reason why they both
worked so much but she didn’t care. She wanted her life back, she wanted
her family and friends back.

“Today the little girl is an ‘big’ girl. Her name is Barbara and in this book you
will get to know her because the little girl was me. My parents escaped from
East Germany when I was 8. My father in the trunk of a car, my mother and
I through Berlin. We arrived in the West with just a small case and the
equivalent of 400 Dollars.

“In those days there was plenty of work but no housing. All large cities, were
the work was, had been bombed out during the war. It took my parents
almost 20 years of hard labor before they had again what we left behind in
Communist Germany but my father was convinced that it had been worth it.

“Why? Because it had given him what was most precious to him – the
freedom to live his dream, the dream of becoming a successful

“When you are a little girl, you cannot understand that but when you are a big
girl like me today, you know how important the freedom to choose is. Today
I am very grateful that my father made this painful decision – also for me –
and through it gave me the opportunity to live my own dream, and part of my dream is to empower you to live yours. If you let me, I will help you transform your life into the life of your dreams – taking one step at the time.”
Get your copy of this amazing book and story of survival and success.  Order  Barbara’s “To Be or Not to Be. The Choice is Yours” and get 47 BONUS GIFTS at

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Darren Jacklin, the Mega-Manifestor

Darren Jacklin, a.k.a. the “Mega Manifestor” has an uncanny ability to increase business income, wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities.  He has, in fact, done such a great job in his own life and career that he has captured the attention and respect of NBC TV, Elevision TV Network, Sharing Success TV,  best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and marketing experts world-wide.

Mr. Jacklin will also be on Michael’s Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, July 13th at 6 pm where you can call (347) 843-4544 with your burning questions and pressing “1” to raise your hand.

Darren has the ability to take what you really, really, REALLY want in your personal or professional life – and show you how you can really, really, really GET IT!  He manifested a multi-million dollar Mansion in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada and lived in it rent free for ten months.  He manifested his clothing wardrobe through Derks Formal Wear in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He has helped people manifest dream jobs, relationships, joint venture partners, automobiles, vacations and so much more.

For almost two decades, Darren Jacklin has traveled the planet and dedicated his life to discovering the most advanced principles for producing accelerated change.

As a World Authority on Making Your Dreams Real he has trained personnel from more than 130 Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays Bank, Air Canada, as well as high school and professional athletes from more than 36 countries.

Tune into Logical Soul Talk to hear someone who is deeply committed to personally impacting more than 100 million peoples’ lives a month through his Radio & Television appearances and live Corporate Training Seminars and Idea Party Eventsâ„¢.


Failure Has a Very Good Reason

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Success is based on Poise in Failure

Your ability to succeed is based on your poise in failure and your poise under fire, under criticism.  How you handle failure and how you succeed are two sides of the same coin.

When you fail, you either learn to let it go . . . or it sets up housekeeping in your physiology, your gut, your abdomen, your heart, and your head.  Something happens where, physiologically speaking, failure sets in.

Now, if you are sensitive, chances are you’ve learned how to just feel the wave of disappointment and let it go.  But the negative thoughts – some experts refer to them as mind viruses –

  • Persist in spite of your willingness to let them go.
  • Persist in spite of your willingness to relax and release them.
  • Persist in spite of all the positive affirmations you can conjure, and
  • Persist in spite of coaches, mentors, and gurus guiding your way.

They persist because, quite frankly, you’re convinced you are a failure, and there is a very good reason for remaining a failure!  This hidden set of reasons, or Seed of Failure (SOF), is the same as the prime directive we spoke of earlier. It must be obeyed in spite of any and all attempts to counter it.

The self-talk that arises from the Seed of Failure is also persistent.  This inner chatter sets up housekeeping in the head and continues to spout its wisdom to us every few minutes.

We attempt to root out the negative self-talk through positive goal setting, through affirmations; through hypnosis; and through any other means we know of in order to get rid of the self-talk, or to make the positive self-talk so much louder that the negative just sort of disappears.

And to a degree, that works.  To a large degree, however, it does not work. Most self-talk is based on decisions made very early in life, often before we can remember learning to talk.  Repeating “every day in every way I am getting better and better” does little good, for example, to heal a gaping hole in your gut caused by an abusive family member.

And what do you do with that type of self-talk that is so deep it’s anchored into your physiology at birth or soon after birth?  Sometimes even before birth??  This type of self-talk is not self-talk at all because it’s pre-language.

All self-talk is based on a decision, however.  Maybe it was made on an organic level – just like an amoeba makes a decision to back away from pain or stimulus.  We make decisions, even in the womb, even shortly after birth, that we back away from pain.  We back away from discomfort.

These types of decisions, which I call organic decisions, are anchored into the physiology and have just as much to do with our success and our ability to handle failure as anything else.  But organic or not, let’s take a few minutes to investigate the Logical SoulTM method I used to reveal these underlying decisions – the Root of Failure – whatever the source.

Major Decision:  To Stay Open or Not

I used to hear the argument during some of my talks “But why should I focus on failure?”  they asked.  “All I want to do is stay positive!”

I would usually nod my head in understanding, then respond.

“Thanks for the question.  Now, while yours is a wonderful objective, it doesn’t work” I said, adding

“The fact is . . . if all this staying positive stuff DID work, everyone who ever made a goal and affirmation would succeed, would they not?”

“But aren’t you defeating the purpose of trying to achieve goals by focusing on the negative?”

Their words suddenly reminded me of an analogy.

“Let’s say you’re driving down the road headed to a concert,” I proposed, “and your car started smoking from the hood.  You know it’s probably the radiator, so you stop to check and maybe pour in some more water before your engine burns up.

“Now your goal is the concert.  Using your example, I should ignore the smoke and continue to stay focused on arriving at the concert.

“There’s a name for people like this: I call them ‘pedestrians.’”

Next: Discover Your Own Seed of Failure

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Positive thinking.

Thousands of books are written about it. Coaches and Workshop leaders depend on it.  Salespeople are fueled by it.

But what is it . . . and does it really work?

Most positive-motivation types will tell you that positive thinking is a necessary act for anyone who wants to enjoy his or her life by focusing on positive thoughts while driving away negative “stinkin’ thinkin’ . . .

There’s only one problem; it usually only works for those who are inherently positive to begin with. All others are apparently screwed.

Book_Bright-SidedYou see, positive thinking has its limitations . . . things like “reality” and “logic” keep getting in the way. Barbara Ehrenreich, in her recent book Bright-Sided, writes:

“If generic ‘positive thought’ is correct and things are really getting better; if the arc of the universe tends towards happiness and abundance, then why bother with the mental effort of positive thinking? Obviously, because we do not believe that things will get better on their own. The practice of positive thinking is an effort to pump up this belief in the face of much contradictory evidence . . . it requires deliberate self-deception, including a constant effort to repress or block out unpleasant possibilities and ‘negative thoughts’. . .” (p. 5)

Indeed, the idea of positive thinking has become so engrained in American culture that most think of  “mental detox” as just another way to get rid of negative thoughts.

This “mental pollution,” however, may be like sulphur produced by smoke stacks.  Sulphur, if used in the right industry, is a valuable element with many benefits. Just because it comes out of a smokestack, however, we don’t recognize it as valuable.

Like that, so-called negative thoughts may only be negative when seen in a particular context.  If it doesn’t support your conscious desire, does that make it inherently negative?  I think not.  You simply cannot recognize its benefits!  (Oops, I let a bit of positive thinking slip in…)

What if this so-called “negative” thought were actually your own subconscious trying desperately to feed you a message? What if this message when something like this . . . ?

Hey you! That’s right – YOU – the one with that stupid grin on your face trying to ignore me! Give me a minute, will ya? I’m dying down here and all you can do is pile more dirt and crap on top of me. Hey, you know what? Because you keep doing that, I’m going to throw the crap right back at ya. That’s right. No more Mr.(Ms.) Nice Guy . . . remember that important meeting you missed because I made you play video games until you forgot to leave the house? Yeah, that one. That contract could have netted us a small fortune. Remember that eating habit you have that put on 30 pounds? Me again. But you know what? I don’t give a gnat’s ass what happens because of the way you keep ignoring my messages. You’re probably not listening to this one either. Think I’ll make us trip over that rug . . . !

What if your silent “subconscious mind” could actually learn how to speak and give it to you straight without all the not-so-subtle hints? Would you listen? If not, you’re missing a whale of a chance to succeed BIG in this world . . . and be much happier in the process!

So what if you cam up short in the past, and don’t want to listen to this so-called “voice of failure.”  This voice – a part of your soul – is trying to give you the LOGIC behind his or her voice. If you don’t choose to see that, you have failed before you start, just like I did multiple times. Bucky Fuller said

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment; only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”

A mind detox is simply a way of actually getting access to and listening to your own voice within . . . then changing certain hidden decisions and allowing a natural resolution to take place.  It is much simpler than you think, and will allow you to discover a whole new world of possibilities!

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Mind Detox with Logical Soul

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How to Fail by Using Affirmations

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HelpDo you really think that yelling some affirmation to your spouse over and over again will make a difference in his or her behavior?

No?  Then why do we persist in doing  this same thing to our subconscious mind – the source of all feelings, memory, and unlimited intelligence and wisdom?  Our conscious mind can only direct (and is really pretty stupid).

Contrary to popular psychology and positive-motivation-teaching, the subconscious is not a “thing” that can be manipulated or turned on or off like some light switch.  It is the source of all our knowledge and power, and is wise to all our tricks.  If there were a decision made to limit money or income, it is because this is a “prime directive” that was given very early in your life that governs your actions and where you are right now!

If you really want to fail at finances, try this:  repeat “I am rich and wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.”  Do this over and over for a month.  After that period is over, one of two things will happen:

  1. You’ll discover untapped sources of creativity and wealth within yourself, or
  2. You will feel more frustrated than ever.

Obviously, the first scenario is the one whose picture is presented by all the self-made millionaire gurus out there.  They tell you that by repeating positive thoughts over and over again you get into the habit of success and money. The Law of Attraction and all that…

There’s only one problem: most self-made millionaires came into this world with – or developed at an early age – an inner resolve that can overcome any obstacle. This IS their prime directive. Without it, nobody can succeed.  WITH it, anyone can perform money miracles.  That’s why affirmations work for them, and why they think it can work for everyone.  But it doesn’t.

True, most self-made millionaires had multiple challenges and often poor upbringings.  But they also have what most of us don’t have – that “iron resolve,” “fire in the belly” or “inner direction” that eludes those of us who see failure as an option over and over again.

Given this scenario, affirmations work wonders for those with an inner resolve. For those of us less endowed, however, affirmations can only dig a deeper hole in our psyche.  Here’s how a typical inner conversation might go:

“I am rich and wealthy…”

“Are you kidding?”

“I am rich and wealthy…”

“No you’re not.  You have thirty dollars in the bank and are in debt up to your eyeballs!”

“I am rich and wealthy…”

“Do you want to fail like your brother did?  This is crazy talk.”

“I am rich and wealthy…”

“Tell you what say that one more time and I’ll NEVER let you be ‘rich and wealthy!!'”

“I am rich and …”

You get the idea.  BAM!  Failure strikes despite all your conscious good intentions.  The thing is, you’ve got to speak to your subconscious “self” the same way you would to a powerful friend or servant.  It will do your bidding . . . but only if there is no prime directive opposing it!

Go easy on the affirmations. Take baby steps.  Celebrate small successes each day.  Then your subconscious will reward you with greater and greater trust.

This is the fourth in a series of articles on Our True Mental Potential, and how and why we are not living it.  In today’s article, I will cover how avoidance of – and distraction from – our highest goals and intentions creates mental pollution that clogs our synapses, dampens our spirits, and reduces access to our own power.

Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller

Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller

Pollution means that there are things in places where they have no business being.  Bucky Fuller, in his highly-acclaimed book Critical Path, described pollution as being merely a displacement of useful substances into areas or systems where they inhibit those systems.

Take, for example the emission of sulpher from smokestacks.  Pollution, right?  Yes, to the air we breathe.  However this same element is extremely useful in making sulpher compounds, drugs, explosives, fungicides, and other very helpful materials. If there were a way to cost-effectively capture the sulphur from these same smokestacks, the idea of pollution there would disappear.

Like that, mental pollution is the manifestation of thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a person who cannot thrive with these same thoughts, etc, but for some reason created them as a subconscious or hidden intent. Most negative thoughts fall into this category.  “I can’t,”  “It’s impossible,” and “I’m stupid” are examples of the most blatant negative thought patterns, and you can probably think of thousands more.

But these thoughts are NOT the CAUSE of the mental pollution. There is a person’s unspoken INTENT that actually spurred the thoughts to appear, like smoke from a fire.   Let’s take the case of “I can’t.”

In the case of an abused child, the act of taking on a negative thought pattern is a way to survive the abuse – at least in the mind of the child.  “I can’t” in some cases might be literally translated as “I won’t, because if I do I’ll get severely punished again.” This abuse pattern is usually repeated over and over again, from generation to generation.

The fact that this pattern may have started with your great-great-great grandfather does not make it any less real for you.  These generational “memes” – or mind viruses – have a shelf-life bordering on forever!

Positive thinking and affirmations do not address these deeper issues, and may even cause harm to the mind of the person “trying to be positive.”  If you were abused and ignore the underlying cause of the “can’t,” you will only manifest a type of mental pollution that affects your peace of mind, self-esteem, and physical and mental health.

Through an act of mental detox, you can access your true intent, come face-to-face with the true underlying decision about the abuse and/or relationship between yourself and the abuser, change that decision, and very quickly discover a lasting peace of mind.

Without mental detox, however, thoughts remain that mask or disguise your subconscious intent, and therefore keep you lost in conscious limbo.  The fact is, because your conscious mind does not have access to the hidden cause of this pollution, you will remain unaware that there is even a solution!

But there is.

If you’ve been hanging out any motivation and/or self-help folks for any length of time, you’ve no doubt hear of the book “The Secret” and its “Law of Attraction.”

RU Manifesting Your Desires?

RU Manifesting Your Desires?

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction says that whatever you expect to be or happen in life – really expect deep down – will happen.  It says that you cannot consistently entertain negative thoughts and expect positive results.

I happen to agree with this assessment. After all, it IS the law, is it not?…

Those who teach and write about the Law of Attraction have discovered that it has worked in their lives, and they attempt to share this profound truth with others.  The problem, however, is that few of those I call (lovingly and sincerely, I might add) “The Great Ones” truly understand the depth of the roots of negativity, and why it is so hard for those who fail consistently to overcome the “Seeds of Failure.”

Affirmations work for some, not others.  Goals and resolutions work for some and not others.  In fact, it is very hard for most people to change their thoughts and take action in the direction of their greatest desires.

But why?  Let’s explore this universal dilemma…

First of all, just because you are able to “attract” something does NOT mean you can recognize, assimilate or manifest it when it arrives!  Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you have a Vitamin D deficiency.  Normally, sunlight is the answer and all you have to do is sit in it for a few hours.  Problem solved, right?  Well . . .

I discovered that just because the sun hits the skin does NOT mean that the result is Vitamin D.  In fact, there are many people who live in tropical (i.e., very sunny) climates who suffer from this deficiency!  Their bodies are simply unable to assimilate the benefits and produce the required vitamin.  This, by the way is true of all vitamins, minerals, and most supplements.  Many people either have problems digesting them, or assimilating them in other ways . . . and these problems lead to disease.

Now let’s look at positive thinking – the first step (according to many who teach the Law of Attraction)  for attracting a desired result.  Let’s say you spend days, months or even years “thinking positive” and wiping out all negativity in your life.  For many people this will indeed produce very positive results.

For some who suffer from the ‘Seed of Failure,” however,  things will only stay the same or get worse. Why?  They were unable to assimilate this positive input and manifest the results outwardly.  Let me explain. . .

You must have a real sense of what you desire inside before it actually manifests in your world outside. In fact, that’s the way the mind works and world manifests: from above-down and inside-out!

If you ever have a thought about something like, “Hmm, I think I want some green tea and Thai food?

First, there appears to be a feeling, i.e., the body says there™s a hunger or thirst present.  The feeling arises in the body that I’m hungry.”  Then the memory kicks in, something like I really like Thai food because it was really tasty last week!”

Once the thoughts and feelings converge inside, a desire arises: I want Thai food.”  Then, you begin to make plans.  You’re feet begin to walk to the door, you grab your keys, you go to the car, you get in to the car, you drive with your wife, boyfriend, girlfriend to the Thai restaurant; you sit, you order, the green tea and food comes, and you eat.

Then something happens: the fulfillment of that desire takes place.

But really, what happened first?  Was it the thought or was it the impulse that brought the thought about?  The answer is the impulse happened first.

The impulse arises and then the thought arises.  Then some action happens and achievement takes place, i.e., being at the Thai restaurant and ordering the food.  Then the fulfillment of that desire: tasting the food.

So, if you want something to happen outside, the Law of Manifestation states that you must first have this impulse, this thought, this desire inside. This law – like the Law of Attraction – works for both positive or negative thoughts or impulses.  It doesn’t care.  Who you are deep inside is what you manifest.

Something arises within your consciousness that says I want this, then the thought manifest as an outside ripple of actions and events.  This means that

  • Thoughts are not something that you do.
  • Thoughts are things that you have.
  • Thoughts arise from deep within your consciousness.

There IS a way to direct your destiny.  In addition to the law of Attraction, you must, through muscle testing and other means, begin to find out where those impulses lie and where those thoughts actually came from.

Once you tap into hidden reservoirs of thought previously unavailable to you, you quickly discover the reasons why certain thoughts, feelings and desires arise within you in the first place.  You will also learn how to change and redirect them when necessary!

So long as the original reasons are there, all you can do is have the original

JFK's Affirmation:  Ich bin ein Berliner!

JFK's Affirmation: Ich bin ein Berliner!

thought and desire.  And, consequently, you can only have the original (i.e., predestined) outcome.  The Law of Attraction – based on the higher Law of Manifestation – can only attract those impulses that lie at the core of your soul . . . beyond any thought!

If you want different outcomes, tap into that hidden reservoir of intelligence and desire. Find out where the thought comes from.

It’s fairly simple to do.  Using feedback techniques, ask your body about these deeper impulses. Only your body and so-called subconscious mind can tell you these things.

Once done, you will be able to change decisions on a very deep level and create what you want inside so that very soon you’ll be able to manifest your goals outside.