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Allison Volk, The Blog Babe

Allison Volk is a Los Angeles-based actress and professional blogger.  She is also known as “The Blog Babe” for her ability to turn her client’s content (or “stuff”) into blog posts that help grow a business.

Tune into Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 6 pm to hear three simple ways you can grow your client base through your Blog that will give you a head start to turning your own blog posts into cash!  You can listen to the show online, or call 1-347-843-4544 and press “1” to raise your hand and join the conversation.

The fact is, over 81% of bloggers make less than $100 a year with their blogs, so making more than that with a blog is quite unusual.  Tune in to find out how Allison does it, and how she can help you do the same.

During the interview Allison will also highlight her experiences as an actress and playwright.  Her artistic life includes stints with The City Shakespeare Company, and a chance to work with Johnny Depp and others in a bit role on the recent Lone Ranger movie.

She will also explain how all her creative activities play a big part in her main role as professional blogger. 

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