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As a former classical guitarist, I’m a real softy when it comes to great performances.  I was literally hit with one recently that I wanted to share with you…

You see, I was flipping channels back and forth and happen to catch this move (“Kissing Jessica Stein”) when, all of a sudden, some guitar music I vaguely recognized jumped into my ears and heart like a cyclone . . . La Catedral by Paraguayan guitarist and composer Agustin Barrios.  The performance in the movie was given by Brazilian guitarist Paolo Martelli,  and struck me as utterly MAGNIFICO!! 

When I went to look up the piece – to enjoy it more and more – I found Martelli’s recording on YouTube.  The technique was, as before, flawless, but the recording was fairly bad.  I then came across  Bosnian guitarist Denis Azabagic who struck me as equally talented, and gives one of the best performances of La Catedral I’ve ever heard. After hearing Denis’ rendition, I am now a firm believer of “The Eargasm”!!

Listen, and prepar to be amazed:

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Laughing for the Health of It

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Debbie Ellison

Debbie Ellison, laugh coach

How many people can say that their job is to teach people how to laugh?  Debbie Ellison can.

Ms. Ellison will, in fact, share some of her “laughter for wellness” methods and insights with Dr. Craig’s listeners on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 6 pm ET. You can listen to the show online, or call 347-843-4544 to listen by phone (press 1 to join the conversation).

Debbie was mentored by world-renowned medical doctor and founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, who “started a revolution of joy and laughter that is spreading around the world,” thanks to people like Debbie who are dedicated to sharing the joy of laughter and genuine happiness.

Debbie is passionate about helping people to be joyful and lead better lives. She lives by the notion that “people need to know how to laugh for the health of it” and helps people “use laughter as a coping skill, a joy activator, and a way to live life fully.”

Along with being a laughter coach and facilitator, Debbie is also a freelance writer and editor and has many years of writing and editing experience. She has translated this experience into many articles that can be found in a variety of publications.

So tune in Tuesday, January 21st . . . just for laughs!

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neil shulman and michael craig

Neil Shulman is known as “The Real Doc Hollywood.   This is actually the role he wrote into a screenplay that became a movie starring Michael J. Fox. Doc Shulman is at it again these days . . . about to produce a musical he hopes to take Broadway by storm!

Tune in Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 6 pm on Logical Soul Talk to hear why “Doc Hollywood – The Musical” is the key to world peace and the end all human suffering . . . or at least some of it, according to Shulman. Doc Shulman should know.  Besides his day job as an Associate Professor at Emory University School of Medicine, he moonlights as a research grant investigator, Director of Pine Knoll Nursing Home in Carrollton, Georgia, and – incidentally – as a 21st Century Renaissance Man!

Dr. Shulman is also the author of over 50 scientific papers, 30 books (both fiction and non-fiction), a host of articles, videos and plays, and contributed to over  half a dozen movies, including the Michael J. Fox hit, and several TV shows.  He’s even an inventor . . . something we’ll surely ask him about on the show.

Some of Shulman’s book titles express the fun that follows him wherever he goes: The Germ Patrol: All About Shots for Tots and Big Kids, Too!, The Puberty Prevention ClubHow to Have a Habit, 101 Ways to Know if You’re a Medical Records SpecialistandYour Body Doesnt Have Spare Parts.  He even has written many non-fiction” books, mostly pertaining to health and wellness.

Come hear how the good Doc Shulman shattered both the worlds of conventional medicine and show business, and how you can get the real scoop on health in America . . . and still come away with a smile on your face!

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Jason Oman: On The Air and 41!

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jason oman

Success Author Jason Oman

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 is Jason Oman’s 41st Birthday… and we’re going to celebrate in style…Live on the Air at Logical Soul Talk!

Join the party online, or call 1-347-843-4544 to wish the “old man” another year of success, prosperity and happiness (but sshhh… it’s a surprise)!  And, in between sips of cheap champagne, I’ll make sure Jason tells us a few more of his “Secrets to Success.”  And, if he can figure it out himself, he might even be able to tell you how you, too, can eventually merit  your very own live-broadcast birthday party!

Jason is the author of three books, including the #1 best-seller Conversations With Millionaires, published in 2001. He and I are currently putting the finishing touches on our latest success course, The Six Figure Code. 

There are sure to be some fun surprises at this event, so Come join us!!


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Can Beauty Be Measured?

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The Logical Soul® is all about understanding the so-called subconscious motivations behind things that happen.  Therefore, the measurement of beauty falls right in line with this calling.  Here are some fun thoughts on how this may be accomplished:

Sacred Geometry

Vetruvian Man

Does beauty correspond to our inner sense of proportion?  Some scholars of ancient sciences think so.  Apparently, the Golden Ratio of 1: 1.618 is the cornerstone of beauty when it comes to the beauty relationships found in nature, such as the Chambered Nautilus seashell and the human body.

Relationships found in humans is (mostly) subconsciously measured and translated into beauty. Factors that are considered on the “pleasant-to-look-at” scale include things like the width of eyes to the width of the face, the relative locations of the eyes, nose and lips on the face, the ratio of hand length to forearm length, height-torso ratios, and many others.

Didn’t know Angelina Jolie was an inner geometry whiz, didya?

As for beauty in man-made objects, imitation of the Golden Ratio in nature is found in practically all European Gothic churches. Further, these magnificent edifices were built using only a drawing compass and straight-edge as the measuring tools.  The Masonic “secrets” so coveted and passed down over the centuries are founded on this knowledge.

The Helen

Helen of Troy

This arbitrary (and whimsical) measurement of beauty is the brainchild of writer David Lance Goines. Helen of Troy’s beauty supposedly had a face that “launched a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium.”

According to Goinse, therefore, “the Helen” is the standard measurement.  A Milli-Helen – or one-thousandth of a Helen – would be sufficient to “launch one Homeric warship & burn down a house.” A Kilo-Helen (103 Helens) is enough to “launch the equivalent of One Million Greek warships and spark a Nuclear confrontation.”

Not feeling up to all that activity?  Then you might measure your desire as a

  • A Nano-Helen (one ten-millionth of a Helen) could “send the Old Man on a canoe trip & build a good roaring blaze in the fireplace.
  • Femto-Helen (one-hundred millionth of a Helen) and simply”burn a dinner candle and spit a toothpick into a water glass.”

However you measure it, beauty is more than simply in “the eye of the beholder.”  Now we must consider its power as well!

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The Queen Found Us!!

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What does one to say (forthwith) when Her Majesty THE QUEEN has something nice to say about The Logical Soul(tm) . . . ?  Jolly Good  – and get her on video – of course!!

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Happy New Year!! This time of year is always optimistic for most people.  Big dreams, big goals, and big hopes.  By year’s end, however, most dreams have been forgotten . . . or simply rehashed into a new hybrid of the same old thing.

Brigitte and I got together with Jason and Merry last night for fun and comedy at The Buford Variety Theater in nearby Buford, Georgia.  Here is the “moment”…

We shared our goals – and one thing became apparent from this exercise.  Many folks (myself included) tend to set general goals that we have no intention of executing.  These “resolutions” are more like “wishes” that have no clout.  Sound familiar?

Instead of making a goal like “Earn a million dollars,” why not set a goal to achieve the next level of success instead?   For a goal to have success, you must have “boots on the ground” – a solid commitment and plan – if you are to have any hope of fulfilling this short-term dream.  And most people forget:

“A Dream is a very lofty goal with the steps to it missing.” Fill in the steps and make your goals achievable for 2011.

Speaking of New Year’s trivia: There is a book published a while back called Atlantis and Other Lost Worlds where the author Frank Joseph brings to light some interesting facts.  Apparently there is an ancient ritual in Japan that is performed in homes at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  The head of the household walks barefoot, while dressed in his finest clothes, into each room and throws beans while saying “Out demons – in Luck!”

This ritual is similar to one performed in ancient Rome, where a part of the Roman Lemuria festival begins each May 9th.  The head of the household must walk backwards through each room, casting black beans behind him.  Evidently the beans are gifts to the lemures, or ghosts, who were supposed to have been sufficiently pacified by this humble offering to return to their underwater home, at least one more year.

Does this ritual harken back to the ancient land of Lemuria?

We have our own “bean ritual” in the south where the whole family is invited over for a simple meal:  Hoppin’ John. Below is my own recipe, similar to the one my Grandma made in New Year’s Day each year:


  • 1 cup black-eyed peas
  • 2 cups brown rice
  • 1/2 cup minced chicken
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp salt or tamari
  • 7 cups water

Soak the dry black-eyed peas overnight, or pressure cook them for 1 hour. Mix with all other ingredients in a large pot and bring to a boil.  Cover and turn down heat to simmer.  Cook covered for 40 minutes, then turn off heat and let sit for another 10-15 minutes.  Serves 10-12 people.

Happy New Year!!

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Bring a Smile to Their Faces

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How many things have you done in your life just to make people smile? Happiness is one of the few things that you have more of when you share it.  I get that a lot of stares and thumbs up when I ride my unicycle, so I know how this couple feels doing something they love . . .

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Well, its almost time to pack and head west. Brigitte and I are going on a 3-city swing of California starting tomorrow in Sacramento, and ending in San Francisco from September 1st through the 5th.

I originally thought this would be our time to Wow the audience of the Love and Money Summit, but that was postponed until December.  Instead we’ll be wowing the locals like Dr. Brenda Wade and Darren Jacklin with our super good looks, fabulous sense of humor, and my wife’s incredible cooking talent.  Might as well have some fun with those non-refundable airline tickets, huh . . ?

I just dropped our cat Mr. Pookey off at “Uncle Steve’s” for a week, told the Post Office to stop delivery, and told the neighbors to feed our  Piranhas (goldfish, actually . . . they just eat like Piranhas).  Then we started to pack.

Vitamins and green drink powder.  Check.  Warm clothing & toiletries.  Check.  Extra copies of my book.  Check.  A loaf of frozen bread in the suitcase that will look like a bomb passing through Airport X-ray.  Check.  Small battery-powered Radionics health machine that looks like a bomb.  Check.

Beware, German Bakers!What’s with airport security anyway? In 1987 I traveled all the way from the US to London on a British Airways flight with a group of Acupuncturists. We used needles on each other the whole way, and were incensed if anybody even questioned what they were for!  Times have surely changed.

Now we bend over and say thank you.  The only way someone can make sure he or she is never hassled is to wear sandals, a tunic or Burqa, and talk with a middle-eastern accent!   Over 55?  Gray or balding? Use a walker?  Watch out.  You may run afoul of the “no-profiling laws” and be patted down, cavity searched, and detained for questioning about your last trip to Norway to visit your dying Aunt Gretchen.

Oh yeah . . . have a nice vacation!

(I know, I know.  I’ve probably been tagged by Big Brother snooping from the bowels of of the N.S.A. because I used the word “Burqa.”  OK. You want me?  Come and get me!  Burqa. Burqa Burqa burqa burqa burqa burqa burqa.)


By the way, don’t show this blog post to any airport folks.  They might not think it’s funny.  They didn’t even think it was funny when my Mother-in-Law (a known terrorist) flew from Germany to Atlanta, Georgia for our wedding packing her own flour and sugar.

She’s very picky about her baking and insisted on bringing her own ingredients to make Apple Strudels.  Apparently the airport security was a bit freaked out, but let her through anyway.  When I asked my wife to tell her to “leave her drugs at home next time,” she shot back, “Drugs?  Pah!  Those packages were marked very clearly ‘Flour’ and ‘Sugar’!

I guess they didn’t trust her . . .

Going to ride my unicycle now for charity . . . catch my other excursions at Not taking the unicycle this trip, but I’ll still be doing Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday the 31st and checking messages.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

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Are you living your passion? If not, what’s holding you back?

Most people will not be able to accomplish what the 2007 Salsa Champions did in the video below.  MOST people will lack one of these three items:

  1. A Passion to do what they love,
  2. A Commitment to do it, no matter what, and
  3. Taking consistent action until completion.

Do these things, you are a champion:


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