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Memories of Mother

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"Baboo" Weatherly

"Baboo" Weatherly

My mother is dying.

She’s been in a nursing home (Pigeon Forge Rehabilitation Center) for the past six months, and has taken a turn for the worst since Christmas.  She has stopped eating and may not live to see the New Year.

Obviously I’m grieving over this eminent loss, and wanted to get out a few words about her before I might lose the urge to say anything . . .

Barbara Cannon Weatherly McWaters (a.k.a. “Baboo”) was born March 27, 1927 in Savannah, Georgia, and has lived a full life.  She married my father Earl Weatherly (1921-1990), raised two wonderful kids, and found the time to become one of the premier artists in Savannah during the 1960’s and 70’s.  She loved painting “hard edge” abstract painting,s but also did portraits to earn some extra cash.  She was one of the original founding members of Gallery 209 on River Street in Savannah.

She married Roy McWaters (d. 2002)  in 1993 and moved to Tennessee to be close to my sister Page and her two grandkids,  Christopher and Patrick.


I just wanted to share this with my followers and friends to ask for your prayers and thoughts.  There is nothing more you need do.  Thanks just for being there.

If my postings are missing, a little aimless, or sporadic over the next few days and weeks, you’ll know why.

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Merry Christmas!!

For some Catholics, this is the time of rest, after the festivities of the previous week.  For others – particularly Mexicans – the gifts won’t come until February!

It’s a happy day anyway, for most who experienced a Christian upbringing.  This is a day of joy and goodwill towards your fellow man (even if you can’t stand them the other 364 days of the week).

In honor of Christmas Day (a.k.a., another excuse), I present “the rest of the best” public offerings by those whose lives somehow got entered into the “funny joke of the day” category:







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Merry Christmas Eve! My wife is German with Catholic upbringing, so I have to partake in the family “Christmas rituals” for THE most Holiest of Catholic Days – even though there is only 2 of us (and Mr. Pookey the cat).  This means evening Mass, caroling, opening presents and generally acting out her childhood as best we can.

Growing up Southern Methodist, my Christmases were a little different.  For one thing, we had to wait until Christmas Morning (not Christmas Eve) to open presents.  Then, after the wild flurry of gift-wrapping all over the living room, we adjourned to the outdoors to compare Santa gifts with all the other neighbor kids. More on this tomorrow . . .

So, in honor of Christmas (a.k.a., anything for an excuse) here are the rest of my favorite funny publications.  Enjoy!







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Funny Jokes ‘n Stuff

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Hey, it’s almost Christmas (Merry Christmas, by the way), so I thought I’d take it easy for the next few days and share some of the lighter stuff that’s come across my desk.  Enjoy these ‘Christmas Jokes’ and be Merry!!!!








BackinTime Correction

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It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t have much to say today, so I’ll let the picture below received from a friend speak for me.  There is another saying from the Chinese:

“When someone shares with you something of value,

you have an obligation to share it with others”.

North Pole Sunset

North Pole Sunset

Thanks to W.N. Leathers.

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Greatest Mascot Dance of All Time

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I found this by accident and thought it was hilarious.  Am sharing it just for fun . . .

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Good Samaritan, Part 2

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I agreed to meet with Marvin this morning at 8 am to retrieve my Day-Timer wallet.   Sure enough, around 8:20 he showed up bearing this important item I had foolishly left on top of my car while driving off.  He found it on the street and gave me a call before I even knew it was missing.

I offered him money; he refused.  I did, however, give him an autographed  proof copy of my book, The Logical Soul, which he gladly accepted.

This was a good day… and I figured there could be a number of reasons for my good fortune:

Maybe I got it back because of the Law of Attraction -  I’m a virtuous guy and would do the same for others, so why shouldn’t it happen to me?

Maybe its because most human beings want to do the right thing.  Unfortunately this theory has been proven wrong more times than right.

Maybe its because Marvin is an alien studying the reaction of mortals.  This is a fair assumption because Marvin appears to be from south of the border somewhere…

Or maybe it was just payback for good karma . . .

But maybe, just maybe, there is no reason at all!  Maybe this is all part of “God’s rolling the dice” and my roll came up a pair of sixes.

You can pretty much pick whatever reason you like.  As for me, I think I’ll go eat supper and just give thanks.   For me this Thanksgiving season is for folks like Marvin . . . thanks Marvin; you’re a blessing.

That’s all the meaning and affirmation I need.

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I lost my Day-Timer wallet this evening. It contains all my credit cards and my life!

Apparently I let go of it when I got in with a handful of stuff in my arms.  I placed it on top of the car to put some of the stuff inside and remember thinking “I better not leave this on top.”

I left it on top.  It stayed that way for about 2 miles when it obviously fell off into the street.  A Hispanic fellow named Marvin found it on the side of the busy highway and gave me a call.  I didn’t get the message until 10:00 tonight and called late to schedule a meeting with him to pick it up tomorrow morning.

When I retrieve the wallet and shake his hand, I’ll probably say something like this:

“Thank you Marvin.  I know you  probably work hard for your money and, even though there was no money in the Day-Timer, you could have done mischief with the credit cards.

“You didn’t, however, and decided to do the right thing instead.  I’d like to pay you a small reward if you’ll accept it.”


With so much bad news going on daily, it’s just good to know that there are still the Marvins of the world out there waiting to do the right thing.

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GIH Publishing

GIH Publishing

GIH Publishing (aka GottimHimmel Publishing) is now online and is going to publish The Logical Soul Book in February. “Gott im Himmel” is German for “God in Heaven” and the publisher’s site gleefully claims “We have connections in high places…”

A small publishing company in the Atlanta area, GIH Publishing specializes in small run titles in the Self-Help market.  GIH has agreed to handle the publicity, marketing and distribution of The Logical Soul print version, and other Logical Soul LLC information products.  Although the E-book version and pre-orders are currently available, the official publication date (ODP) for the book is February 10, 2010.

GIH is a member of both the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and the Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN).

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There IS such a thing as “too much of a good thing.”

Need power?  More money?  More love?  Then obviously MORE power-money-love is good, right?  Not necessarily. Our subconscious decisions often act like built-in brakes to our needs, desires, and ambition.

But why and how?

Let’s say you have your own small business and want to make more money.  You figure adding a new product line would be perfect . . . and a noble ambition give the state of our economy.  But for some reason, in spite of warnings from experts in your field, you focus on marketing a product you like but which is untested and lacks demand.

So despite hard work, long hours, and tens of thousands of dollars invested your product fails.  You lay off workers, scale back operations, and again focus on the product that first made you successful in order to pay off the backlog of debts.  Had you listened to the new product experts you might have avoided this, but you stubbornly refused to test before taking the plunge.

This is an obvious case of self-sabotage. But is it all bad?  Let’s see . . .

Take the example of wind power. Let’s say you build a wind generator on your land in Denmark to harness the powerful winds blowing off the North Sea every day.  So you build this huge contraption, but forget to add a tested wind brake to your structure.   This is a video of what actually happened:

Without a working wind brake, the whole structure collapses.  However, “logic and common sense” initially tells you that more power is needed, and that a brake will only make the propellers turn slower, generate less power, and create more inefficiency – like driving a car down the freeway with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake.

And most people – consciously at any rate – don’t want this.  Most of us like our speed, power, and the “freedom” we feel when restrictions are absent.

But the wind brake is essential to a large wind turbine.  You see, all a wind brake is the mechanism that adds drag to, or even stops, an out-of-control spinning wind generator.  Engineers and designers realized it is better to suffer some inefficiency than have the whole thing fall apart.  Once seen in this light, it makes sense.

Like that, we have a built-in subconsious “wind brake” that keeps us moving more slowly and heavier through life.

Next: The Inner Logic of Self-Sabotage. . .