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Inner Demons?

Your Three Selves?

What do you do when a strong feeling or anxiety  strikes . . . and you don’t know your “hidden decisions”? You know that something’s going on with your body, your mind, or your feelings, but don’t know how to “fix” it??  Fear not.  Help is here.

For over 18 years, Brigitte and I have been doing Logical Soul® sessions with each other to clear our hidden decisions and influences that guide our lives.  While it is ideal to get access to – and resolve – these decisions during regular sessions, life is not always so accommodating.  It often comes at you with the speed of a runaway train.  In times like these, you need some “psychic first aid” . . . and quickly!

For example, my wife often comes home from work with some “baggage” she picked up from her office co-workers, friends or family.  This problem usually manifests itself as a sudden fear, anxiety, resentment or aloofness.  Within a few minutes, however, we are usually able to muscle test, isolate and release the “stuff,” and return her to normalcy. Our rule of thumb is this:  If we are not happy, it must be stuff.

Another example:  I awoke this morning around 4:30 AM . . . only to discover it was actually 3:30 AM due to the time change. I felt a bit strange, but not enough to awaken Brigitte.  So I decided to get up and check it out myself with some quick self-testing.

Heartburn?   Heart attack?  Nope.  Nope.  I exercise regularly, have a great nutritional regimen, and don’t drink or smoke.  Check .  OK, OK I admit it . . . I do eat much too late sometimes – including sweets – while grabbing the latest Fox news item or smarmy chick flick my wife just got from Netflicks. But not last night.  So what gives?

Memes? Check.

Low Self. Nope.

Earth-bound? Nada.

Ancestral? Negative.

Body. Check

Hmmm.  Two out of five.  Too much TV too late.  Unresolved stuff churning around inside.  I cleared myself and quickly felt much better.  So I lay back down, and closed my eyes to try a little more of that sleep thing.  No go.  Although I was clear and felt OK, I still couldn’t sleep.  I eventually got up and started writing this blog post.  I guess you needed to have this information . . . and I’ve been holding out on you too long.

I must finally admit a deep, dark truth:  there are forces within and without you that influence your thinking, feeling, and decisions. 

“Duh, Michael I know that! . . .” you say.  Yes, I admit this is all rather elementary.  But did you know how MUCH these forces affect you? Which parts of your being?  Did you know you can also release these influences at any time?  In or around the mid-90’s I discovered (with the help of my wife and some friends) that there are separate and distinct centers of intelligence that can be affected . . . and therefore affect our happiness and ability to succeed in life:

The  conscious mind is affected by MEMES, or “mind viruses” that we pick up from TV, radio, gossip, and even simple communication.  The effects usually manifest as a slight change in personality.  The Lono, “Middle Self” or conscious mind is involved, so memes are relatively easy to release  (unless they are tied in deeper, as to a survival decision).  Just be aware and let go of the decision to hold them.

The so-called subconscious mind is largely affected by the unseen forces of both individual and collective feelings, impressions and memories that impress themselves on our Ku or “Low Self.” These influences are usually hidden and require more of a self-awareness of your usual “normal” state of feeling and being.  Once known, however, these, too, can be released.

The subconscious influence is vast and multi-pronged.  So-called “attacks” can come in various forms, e.g., as follows:

Other people’s Low Selves – We often pick up “negative vibes,” i.e., strong, unresolved feelings that others may feel but do not express.  Their low self, however, feels less restricted and often “jumps ship,” as it were, into our own aura or subtle awareness.

Earth-bound – These are personality or low self impressions from the deceased that remain unresolved and hang around.

Ancestral – This influence can be from our own ancestors (most likely) or from other people’s ancestors as well.  Ancestral spirits are akin to earth-bound, but runs a bit deeper since we ARE the product of our ancestors!

The “Body Spirit” is usually a physical sensation in the head or the gut, but can present itself in any part of the body. This is often (I suspect) the result of your Ku kicking around unresolved “complexes” inside, and causing discomfort.   It could be the result of poor diet, too little water intake, and/or hyper-acidity brought about by worry, fear or resentment.  By releasing the concern, you are essentially telling your Low Self to “cool it” for awhile.

Less commonly, body upsets might be triggered by things like electro-magnetic or geo-magnetic disturbances, extra-low frequency (ELF) emissions, sun-spots, x-rays or cosmic radiation, and/or other outside disturbances.  If the problem persists, these factors – or poor health – may be the cause.

The only other disturbances can come from this thing we call “Karma.”  Karma is neutral – it means “action” – and is often visited upon us in ways we cannot fathom.  In such situations, prayer, as taught by the Huna, is the best way to resolve this.  The Aumakua or “High Self” is the one who “rains down benefits,” either good or bad.  These “benefits were at one time ordered by the Middle Self and then delivered by the Low Self.  The High Self is simply delivering!

Sometimes you’ve worked long and hard to rid yourself of individual fears and complexes.  You’ve done sessions, cleared your “stuff,” and still life hits you.  What to do?  In cases like this there are no decisions – hidden or otherwise – that you can change.  The only decision you can make is simply to request that it be released, then trusting in GRACE (or however you picture GOD) to do the rest . . .

This last step sounds simple, and it is.  The fact remains, however, that until you are aware of the distinctions that form the uniqueness of each “self,” you will have difficulty letting go of the sickness, violence, overwhelm or confusion that grips you if you don’t know the source.

By the way, I don’t know HOW this “psychic first aid” works . . . I just know that it does!  Learn how to use muscle testing until you feel comfortable telling the difference without it.  

Socrates said “Know thyself.” Make the above distinctions as a way to firmly grasp this knowledge.  

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You ARE your Message!

“Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.

These are the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and perfectly echo the message of the Logical Soul(tm) – and that is that our speech comes from our conscious mind and mouth, whereas our complete MESSAGE comes from ALL  the different levels of our being!

Have you ever tried to get your message across numerous times . . . and got totally different results?
Have you ever felt like you are talking to someone who’s listening, but they aren’t hearing you?
Have you ever run or put up ads, articles, squeeze pages, sales pages, or blog posts . . . and gotten very little or NO responses??

Believe it or not, there is actually a very good – and logical – reason for this!

The former CEO of Teledyne Technologies, Robert Mehrabian, says that WHAT we communicate is based on the following factors:

  • Our Words – what we actually say “ accounts for a mere 7% of communication,
  • Our Tone of voice “ how we say it “ accounts for 38%, and
  • Our Non-verbal messages “ what is seen “ accounts for an incredible 55% of all communication.

Parents tell their children  Do what I say, not what I do.  But to a child, words are merely words. That’s it!  They will do what they see.  While parents are only trying to keep their kids from the same difficulties that they have endured, the actual message is this:  “I made (and are still making) my own mistakes, but you are not allowed to do this.”  Kids – being the automatic contrarians that they are – will  push the boundaries as far as they can and do the opposite of that – what they see their parents actually doing!

The messenger IS the message. You ARE your message. If you do live presentations, sales calls or video and try to hide your real message – or put up some kind of pretense – you will only send MIXED messages that people will automatically pick up on! The simple truth is this:  you can’t hide from the truth.

Let’s say you’re selling some kind of money-making program or network marketing business, and you want to use the latest in Internet marketing technology – Video.  Let’s even say you spend some money and get a high-quality video done.  The stated message (i.e., words) in this  work-from-home presentation might go something like this:

“I am rich, but not smarter than you.  See all the nice things, big cars, beautiful women, and nice homes I have?  This is all mine and I can show you how to have this as well! “

Now, if the program works and the speaker really believes in what he’s saying, the message will come across and sales will flourish.  The fact is, successful people attract more success, simply BECAUSE they are already successful!  The problems arise when those who are not YET successful start relying on affirmations, “faking it til you make it” schemes, and other approaches attempting to short-cut the process.

Let’s say that same speaker is mortgaged up to his eyeballs, has maxed out 15 credit cards, has just gone through a divorce, and hopes to make enough sales from his “Get Rich” program to make the next payment on his Jaguar.  Believe it or not, there are PLENTY of examples of this behavior out there if you care to check them out.

This person’s REAL message (the one that comes across in his tone and body language) will come across as this:

“I would love to be rich, but am scared silly I’m going to lose all my stuff.  I’m also hoping I’m a LOT smarter than you so I can convince you to buy something that obviously hasn’t yet worked for me…!”

Would you buy a get-rich program from this person? I wouldn’t.  Get the picture?

How much more refreshing would it be for this wannabe rich person to simply get in touch with his own hidden decisions, change them, and alter his message dramatically?  The words MUST match the message; otherwise you come across as superficial or fake.

Try this REAL message on for size:

“Hello.  I want to share something with you I think can make a difference in both our lives.  This product, “Get Rich in 5 Days,”  is something I just picked up and want to check out.  I’ve been told by some people I believe that it works just the way it states, but frankly I still have my doubts.  Obviously I’m probably like you, and not rich, but if you want to take this journey with me, I’d welcome the company!  There is a money-back guarantee, so I see it as a no-brainer, frankly.”

Would I buy from this person?  Maybe or maybe not.  But I would certainly become more intrigued, and would probably be tempted to “take the journey” with him just for the heck of it!

BE that message you want to impart. More people will believe you and even buy what you might be selling!

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BioFeedback Versus Meditation

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meditation or muscle testingSince I began using muscle testing as a simple bio-feedback technique as part of the Logical Soul® technique, I’ve sometimes come across those who seem confused about what it is, and how it is used. Some want to compare it to meditation, or vice-versa.

Let me say in the outset that I consider both biofeedback and meditation to be powerful tools for self-actualization. They are, however, vastly different tools.  Just as I consider an electric saw to be valuable for cutting wood, I would only use an electric drill to bore a hole.   Different tools for different purposes.


BioFeedback – whether it is the result of audio-visual feedback, or through the use of muscle testing or applied kinesiology – is a powerful tool for instant self-discovery. The simplest (and cheapest) form of bio-feedback is through the use of muscle testing or “kinesiology,” the study of muscle strength and movement.

While kinesiology or muscle testing has therapeutic uses, its use can also help us quickly and easily determine a “yes” or “no” answer to statements or affirmations. This is helpful for finding out whether or not your so-called “subconscious mind” (some say “right brain”)  is aligned with your conscious mind, or left brain. If you make the statement “I am alive,” chances are both “selves” will be in agreement.

If, however, you make statements that the subconscious (right brain) considers to be a “no,” or not true,  the muscle will test a little weak. This is immediately useful if you want to determine whether or not to trust someone, buy something, or engage in some sort of activity where the outcome is uncertain.

NOTE:  muscle testing is NOT a useful tool for prophesy, fortune-telling, or prediction. The “readings” can only determine your inner condition – whether of or against a particular outcome. Do you have the support of your subconscious mind (or intuition) for the success of this activity?  Or not?  This knowledge alone is enough of a reason to use bio-feedback.

Used in conjunction with a complete systems such as the Logical Soul®, muscle testing becomes a powerful tool for uncovering layers of hidden untruths that cloud your ability to succeed.  It is simple, universally available, and important as a NAVIGATIONAL TOOL when faced with inner doubts and fears.


Thousands of years ago, during Vedic Times on the Indian subcontinent, meditation was common practice and mankind was more inner-directed.  Its practice was considered as important as food or water, air and sunshine.  It was our direct link to God, the source of all survival, joy and self-awareness.

Through centuries of wars and shifting civilizations we lost our ability to connect with out source . . . to meditate.  Even today – in this so-called “enlightened age” – we are surrounded by the constant din of traffic,  electronic gadgets and media.  We are lucky to retain our sanity, much less remember our divine origins.

Over the years, meditation – our link with the Divine – was assigned to specialists:  prophets, seers, clergymen and poets. Even then we seldom listened to them except when our survival depended on it.

One of our modern seers was William Wordsworth (1770-1850) who wrote of his transcendental bliss in 1798:

      "That serene and blessed mood,
      In which the affections gently lead us on,--
      Until, the breath of this corporeal frame
      And even the motion of our human blood
      Almost suspended, we are laid asleep
      In body, and become a living soul:
      While with an eye made quiet by the power
      Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
      We see into the life of things."

Wordsworth described in verse what has been since measured and described as a state of deep meditation. Modern lab studies on the changing physiology during meditation showed that something, indeed, was happening when that “serene and blessed mood” kicked in! (The one thing our modern world HAS brought is the ability to re-discover these lost meditation techniques, and re-establish that inner guidance.)

Today, millions of people today practice some form of meditation. As a long-time meditator myself (for almost 40 years), I can vouch for its ability to bring me closer to my divine source and instill a sense of peace into every thought and activity.   Meditation is crucial in that it builds the FOUNDATION FOR INNER PEACE I believe everyone needs to have!


While meditation enlivens consciousness, it is not designed for problem-solving. The most effective meditation “experiences”  are non-specific. To get to “that serene and blessed mood” one must let go of all thought and concern, drifting into the state of “being” – the level where thought arises.  Over the years, the cumulative effects of “transcending” give us that inner peace we seek.

BUT WHAT IF WE HAVE A SPECIFIC PROBLEM?? To address a specific problem, you must be able to discover the SPECIFIC DECISION OR DECISIONS that gave rise to that problem.  If you want to attract more  money, for example, you need to know that any hidden, deep-rooted belief that “money cannot be spiritual” will stop you every time!

The Logical Soul® addresses these specific, hidden decisions.  And muscle testing, as the simplest form of biofeedback, can directly show us the condition of our inner landscape, i.e., our collection of hidden decisions.

Use both biofeedback AND meditation on our way to a joyful and self-actualized life!

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Illania Hofler

Illania Hofler works with something called “the Genetic Voice,” and will share with Michael Craig how she “prints” this ancestral voice so that anyone can actually see pictures of their emotional state!

Tune into Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, May 11th at 6 pm ET for the full story on Genetic Voice Printing, or  get on the Call Hotline at (347) 843-4544.

Ms. Hofler is a certified Vo-CAL instructor and will discuss with Michael the benefits of this cutting edge technology, also known as The Clear Voice. She reports that many people who use self-help workshops, books and courses are still plagued with repeated unwanted behaviors and feelings.

“That’s because” she adds, “these are symptoms of DNA emotional traumas that came through your parents and grandparents that block your ability to make solution oriented choices for yourself in present time.

“Your voice tells us where the ‘negative programs’ came from in your lineage and some special frequencies let you access your subconscious mind while wide awake—a very unique experience. Our software can now track when the pattern actually releases.”

Genetic Voice Printing apparently touches on areas known to those who are familiar with the Logical Soul(tm) work, i.e., hidden decisions.  Although she calls it the “central command,” the purpose is the same – to continue to play out the same old negative programs. This inaccessible subconscious area – whether you call it hidden decisions or central command – is normally shut off from conscious access, but is where the only real changes occur!

Hofler sees private clients in Smyrna, Georgia, and has spoke to various conferences about the topic of genetic voice printing and transformation. She has also made “before” and “after” voice prints of those who have undergone Logical Soul(tm) sessions, with very intriguing results.

Sabotaging Your Home Business?Not long ago I wrote there are some fundamental ways we often sabotage our small or home-based business success, and mentioned there are seven.  Well after much consideration and review, I discovered there are actually NINE of them instead.

This is a topic I will be covering in depth at some point in a Webinar (I’ll be offering within the next month or so) with branding expert Otis Collier.

For right now its is sufficient to say that 7 out of 9 of the “ways” I cover have to do with (subconscious) hidden decisions, and their outward results.  In a small or home-based business YOU are the prime mover and shaker of all things either success or failure.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot before you even get started!!

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The job market sucks. That wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact that it has been sucking for the past two years, and there appears to be no relief in sight.  You know it.  I know it.  Let’s not kid ourselves. So what do you do before your unemployment benefits run out . . . assuming you still have some?

Home Business Success?

Home Business Success?

For a rising number of Americans this means start a small business or home business. They figure they will have little overhead, get to be their own boss, spend more time with the family, and hopefully soon be one of those financial success stories they often see on late-night infomercials.

While that may be true for some, the hidden reality is this: success in small business is never guaranteed.  In fact, you will probably become a failure statistic within ten years, and most likely one during the biggest drop-off: within 5 years. This is when over half of all small businesses go OUT of business.

Below is data from the Bureau of the Census produced for the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

While this data looks at new single-establishment businesses, the failure rate percentages are almost identical for all types of small businesses, including home businesses.  These are pretty much the survival rates of new firms over ten years . . .

Ten-Year Small Business Survival

Ten-Year Small Business Survival

These failures, by the way, have causes. You want to know the #1 cause . . ?
Going into business for the wrong reasons!

Home businesses are particularly vulnerable to wishful thinking and  illusions of grandeur.  This is primarily because the new business owner or CEO has often only worked for a salary, and hasn’t a clue about what it really takes to be in business!

In Georgia, you can form a corporation for $100, get business cards printed up for $10 and hang up your shingle.  But this doesn’t make you a smart business person.  I know – I’ve had these illusions myself and formed several companies most of whom, by the way, did not survive over 5 years.

What I had to learn – as I assume most of you will need to learn as well – is that there are consequences for NOT knowing yourself, what motivates you, and what hidden decisions you have made that actually prevent you from seeing the truth.

I’ve come up with 7 different and fundamental ways you actually sabotage your home business success, and will cover these items over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.

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Logical Soul Book on Tap

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Hot off the presses!

Hot off the presses!

The BOOK is ready!  Actually, the second – or “official” – edition, but who’s counting . . .

By early next week, GIH Publishing will have rolled out several dozen copies of The Logical Soul: Eliminate Self-Sabotage in 30 Minutes or Less for Success, Wealth, Love & Happiness.  This edition features roughly sixty more pages, a Foreword by Dr. Brenda Wade, many pages of testimonials, and a complete Index section. 

It retails for $24.95 plus shipping, and will soon be available through Amazon and other retail outlets.  (You can also avoid shipping charges by purchasing yours at the monthly Meetup Group in Atlanta.)  Order your copy today, and learn why therapists, psychologists, motivational speakers, success coaches and others are touting this work as the next great advancement in human transformation!

I am fulfilling the early orders, so I will personally autograph the first 25 copies of what is sure to become a collectors item.  Do it now!

North Pole Sunset

North Pole Sunset

Because I’ve been doing the Logical Soul(tm)  work for about 18 years,  I sometimes forget how important the results can be for someone who has never experienced accessing and changing a hidden decision before.  This was driven home to me recently after receiving the following email testimonial from a recent client – a success coach who was having trouble with her OWN success.  The  content has not been edited: 

Did I tell you… the first day I met you and went through the exercises about deserving the success and wealth I teach my own entrepreneurial clients, that when I got home I hade a voice mail which contained 4 new customers.
Since I saw you in your office… I had another new client who paid me in advance for entrepreneur coaching (we have not even scheduled it or done a contract or invoicing). She said she just had to sow a seed into my business immediately, that night. That same person & one other person, signed on with my other business venture. Again, they were not even ready to do the work, but were compelled to sign up & pay. WOW!
ALSO since then a media company out of Florida has asked me to be their chair person of their leadership committee in Atlanta. Double WOW…
I look forward to continuing my work with Logical Soul & my mother is enjoying your book. Oh yeah,  aaaand…a old client who owed me money for a session from last year, emailed me & asked me to re-invoice her and a few days later she paid. Triple WOW…
So what ever you accessed in me has opened a door of blessings. I look forward to more financial success and breakthrough. I’m working now, almost insatiably with the Law of Attraction, because I feel after your
session, that success in going to come to me amazingly fast. And I want to be ready for it, by directing my thoughts about what I want, so as I’m moving fast & manifesting fast, I can attract & be ready for the right things…that meet my needs & wants.

You are a Godsend.
Success in all,

Sha’ Ron Grace
Coach, Motivational Speaker;
President of Becoming, Inc.



Logical Soul(tm) private sessions are now available in Atlanta.  Click Here for more information, or call (770) 455-6767 to set up an appointment with Dr. Craig.

Raymond Aaron hits the nail on the head with this presentation. You can get much more information at