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Devon Brown: Success Renegade

Devon Brown is the “Success Renegade” and “coach’s coach” brings a high level of energy into everything he does. In a 30-minute pre-recorded interview on Tuesday, September 24, 2012 at 6 pm ET Devon will reveal the secrets of his success and how anyone can make it as a coach or entrepreneur if you have the right mix of attitude and determination.   This is the final re-podcast of four in the month of September – our   “Best of Logical Soul Talk” series.  You can tune in using your computer or smartphone.

Devon has helped dozens of his clients achieve a six-figure income and more in the online marketing niche.  In this interview, he also reveals a strategy he believes will help coaches rise to the highest level of achievement and financial independence.   He also will answer questions like:  How do you get started online as a coach?  How do you build a list?  And much more.

Devon will also share with Dr. Craig’s audience during this interview the secrets of how he – a very much NON-technical person – was able to build a high six-figure income by harnessing the BIG IDEA that comes from within you. He will tell you how to build a list online, target your ideal client, and capitalize on your so-called failures.    This show – as with every “best of” series presentation – is full of useful content, so bring your pen and paper to take notes!!

This pre-recorded interview by Dr. Craig first aired on June 5, 2012 and is available on Blog Talk Radio for only a short time after the re-podcast.  Afterwards, you can hear it as part of our popular Mighty Mentor Series.

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Kelly Cole internet marketing

Author Kelly Cole

Kelly Cole knows Internet Marketing!  In this 30-minute interview, success author and entrepreneur Kelly Cole reveals some of his best little-known Ninja tactics coaches can us to shake the branches and have dozens of clients fall out!!  Come hear this re-podcast of Mr. Cole’s powerful tips on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 6 pm ET the second of four in  “The Best of Logical Soul Talk” series this month.  Tune in using your computer or smartphone.

Kelly and Michael spend over 30 minutes sharing with Michael’s audience how to target ideal clients and drive them to your website or blog.  This show may be short but is full of useful content, so bring your pen and paper and prepare to take notes!!

This pre-recorded interview by Dr. Craig first aired on May 29, 2012 and is available on Blog Talk Radio for only a short time after the re-podcast.  Afterwards, you can hear it as part of our popular Mighty Mentor Series.

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lee goff online marketer

Lee Goff, Marketing for Coaches

Lee Goff is one of the most prolific online marketers in the world today: his mentor, in fact, was J. Conrad Levinson, who wrote the book on Guerrilla marketing!  His wisdom can again be heard on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 6 pm ET the first of four in  “The Best of Logical Soul Talk” series this month where you can tune in on your computer or smartphone.

Lee offers 60 minutes to Michael Craig’s audience on how to build a brand that targets your ideal clients, and how to develop the mindset needed to create an effective marketing strategy in a world saturated with online ads and messages.

This pre-recorded interview by Dr. Craig first aired on May 23, 2012 and is available on Blog Talk Radio for only a short time after the re-podcast.  Afterwards, you can hear it as part of our popular Mighty Mentor Series.

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In 2007, Dean & Founder, Gina Gaudio-Graves, experienced what she calls her “Miraculous Transformation” which allowed her to recover from a life threatening illness.  Prior to that, Gina had been one of the internet’s most successful Joint Venture Brokers, organizing joint ventures for people such as Shawn Casey, Russel Brunson, David Garfinkel, Willie Crawford, and many others. She will be Dr. Craig’s guest on Tuesday July 17th, 2012 at 6 pm ET. Listen to the show online or call the show hotline at 347-843-4544 and press 1 to raise your hand to ask a question or join the conversation.

logical soul talk

Gina Gaudio-Graves

But after experiencing her miraculous transformation, Gina really saw just how precious every second of life really is.  She realized that she had been given a gift that she felt strongly about repaying.  She knew that if she was ever to repay her debt, she had to make a difference for someone other than herself.

That’s when Gina decided to open the predecessor to Directions University – “The IM (Internet Marketing) University” — as a home for entrepreneurs interested in building businesses that will be successful for the long haul!

The IM University’s Programs included courses on “Finding Your Profitable Passion”, “Leaving a Legacy in Your Life”,Making a Difference Through Your Business” as well as more traditional internet marketing topics such as how to create info products, how to use social marketing, blogging with WordPress, and more.

The courses focused on 4 main areas:

1. Helping entrepreneurs get direction in their lives
2. Helping entreprenuers get direction for their businesses
3. Helping entrepreneurs give direction to their clients
4. Helping entrepreneurs change the direction of the world

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Kelly Cole internet marketing

Kelly Cole

Kelly Cole is an Internet entrepreneur with the passion, drive and determination to succeed and help other do the same. His personality is contagious; a couple of minutes around Mr. Cole and you will feel as if nothing is impossible for you to do or accomplish. You will believe this because, quite frankly, Kelly walks his talk and brings you with him!  He’s been broke, and he’s tasted success . . . and he wants you to have the success he has, hopefully without all the pitfalls as he had.

Tune in to the Tuesday, May 29th Logical Soul Talk at 6 pm for a 30-minute lesson from Kelly on how to tap into the power of the Internet to transform your coaching business from an “also ran” to a unique success story.  You can listen to the interview with Kelly online, or call our show Hotline at (347) 843-4544 to join the conversation, or simply listen to the show live.

In 2009, Kelly authored the best-selling booklet It’s In You: How to use Your God Given Gift to produce Income Online!  – the latest of several he has authored.  In addition to books, Kelly has hosted workshops, developed training materials, built and sold numerous profit generating websites, and even recorded and produced several self-improvement CD’s.

Kelly is also my friend and mentor. He is humble to a fault, but also has a healthy dose of determination that allows him to succeed at every goal he puts his mind to. Come let this amazing mentor share his tips on how you can turn your life coaching or business coaching practice into an online presence to be reckoned with!

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Jason with Michael

I just returned from a particularly powerful  Traffic Summit-Job Crusher launch at the W Hotel in Atlanta.

Great stuff.  So great, in fact, I hired two totally unheralded geniuses (“genii”?) to mentor me to a 6+ figure business in less than 6 months… Jason Fladlien from Iowa and Nick Peall from Brisbane, Australia are 2 of the smartest action-results-oriented young guys I’ve ever met, and look for their brightness to peak on the horizon within a year or two!

Personally, I just like hanging with 20-something, millionaire workaholics.  It just kicks my butt up the ladder several rungs at a time! Its also given me a whole new set of eyes to see where I was, and (more importantly) where I’m going.

Also connected with several potential JV partners and took tons of notes.  Whatever your field, don’t miss an opportunity to network with mentors who will literally PUSH you in the direction you already want to go!  This decision to hire a mentor will scare the heck out of you at first, but is the ONLY decision when you are ready to get results . . . rather than hoping and dreaming about getting results!

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Ronda del Boccio and others arrived in Atlanta for an Internet Marketing conference, and I met with them for dinner Thursday night.  Ronda, “The Story Lady,” teaches her clients how to write books based on their stories, and has an amazing story to tell herself.  You can get details on her life and work at

Other friends made the scene:  Jason Oman (and his mother Meri) and Gina Gaudio-Graves who just arrived from Indiana.

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Lee Goff, a marketing expert and Chief Web Officer for marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson and a number of successful companies points out that guerrilla marketing is alive and well . . . and the ONLY way to fly when doing business online!

Lee Goff is my guest tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 2) on Logical Soul Talk.

Here is a short video of Lee and Jay talking about the “7 Sentence Marketing Plan” that every website should have:

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Let’s say you are living your passion! Let’s assume you know your subject and can write convincing copy to sell your passion.  Let’s pretend you even know how to set up a website to actually promote your product or service!

Why, then, do you insist on having your customers telephone, walk, drive, mail or otherwise jump through hoops to actually BUY your product or service?? Why do you even bother setting up a “Brochure website??”  They do nothing but drive people to your competition – you know, those guys who actually sell something online!

paypal servicesGet PayPal. Go to and get it free.  Its less expensive than maintaining a merchant account. How do I know?  Experience, my friend.

I maintained TWO (2) merchant accounts for over a year, but only one of them was active – my online cabin rental business I’ve had since 2002.  The other one was set up for the Logical Soul LLC account for the Branding from the Soul membership website, but because it took so long for me to get things rolling, I ended up spending $12.95 in account fees each month, plus the setup and gateway costs just to keep it going.

Meanwhile, I was playing with half a dozen shopping carts, and spending money for features I would never use. Expensive and time-consuming.  When I finally realized I was wasting time and money and remembered that PayPal had most of the features I needed without all that monthly overhead, I returned.

If you are just starting out online, keep it simple. PayPal has the most bang for your buck for just about anything you want to do online . . . AND you can get started for FREE!

Check out the following link to a blog post sent to me by one of my hosting services; it explains in more detail how you can get started:

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Whitewater Extravaganza!

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Michael's Group

A group of us Internet marketing city folks made the journey to SE Tennessee on June 12th to ride the rapids!

Latron Thorne organized Saturday’s event, with a dozen people taking the plunge and riding the 5-mile gauntlet over Grade 2-4 rapids on the Ocoee River, site of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Whitewater events. Afterward, we all drove north to Cupid’s Cove log cabin in Coker Creek, TN to spend some quality Bar-B-Q time together.

Special guides from the Ocoee Adventure Center did a great job getting us downstream alive, and we thank them!  They get to do this 2-3 times per day, from March to November.  Whatta crew!

Latron's Group

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