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Meetup (and Interview) CANCELLED!

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January Meetup at Michael & Brigitte's Home

Tonight was SUPPOSED to be the 12th meetup gathering of The Logical Soul for Atlanta Entrepreneurs, but the meeting had to be CANCELLED due to the fact that a) we live in the South, b) haven’t seen this much ice and snow in 30 years, and c) don’t want people without snow tires or chains driving at night and dying to get here!!

If you were planning to attend, I’m sorry.  Please make plans to come on February 9th to mark the ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our Meetup!  Visit to sign up to get more details and directions.  Space is extremely limited, so don’t put it off!

Next month’s meeting will focus on the Money Matrix Method, and how it can be used to cut through our very hidden and personal reasons NOT to succeed.  See you there!


By the way – the interview with Dr. Gray did NOT happen last night

John Gray

either due to a communication mixup by his assistant who came down with the flu!   You can hear me fuming and fretting around for a solid hour (listen to the audio on my BTR player in the right column), but we did have a few interesting calls and a nice discussion on some pertinent points in his book.

Dr. John also called me after the show to apologize and promise to make it up next month.  Meanwhile, if you want John Gray’s books or CDs, visit his website at and type in the Promo Code LOGSOUL1 to get a 10% discount on all products.

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Logical Soul Meetup Tonight!

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logical soul meetup

La Madeleine Restaurant

DON’T MISS the August meeting of The Logical Soul for Atlanta Entrepreneurs tonight (August 11th), starting at 7 pm at La Madeleine Restaurant in Duluth, GA.

Tonight, we will continue the practical demonstrations of how the LS technique works, along with loaded info on how you can start “Branding from the Soul” and turn you passion into Cash!


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Michael Craig at Meetup

The Fifth meetup meeting of the Logical Soul for Atlanta Entrepreneurs meets tonight at the Serenity Lakes Wellness Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  The meeting starts at 7 pm ET with networking and greetings, then a presentation by Dr. Craig at 7:30 entitled “Branding from the Inside Out: How to Turn Your Passion into Products and Services that Attract Buyers Like Crazy!”

This topic came about as a result of a lifelong search of Dr. Craig and others for the elusive idea “what I want to be when I grow up” . . . and how to actually make your own passion come alive for others to the point where they will pay you to have that! Dr. Craig will present the overview tonight of an all-inclusive course that will involve 9 instructors and last for 6 months. 

If you haven’t yet made plans to attend, be sure to RSVP by going to


Logical Soul Meetup Tonight

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Serenity LakesThe fourth meeting of the Logical Soul for Atlanta Entrepreneurs Meetup is tonight (Wednesday, May 12th) at the Serenity Lakes Wellness Center in Lawrenceville, GA. The topic is “The 9 Fundamental Ways You Sabotage Your Small or Home-Based Business” presented by Michael Craig.

There is no charge for this meeting and everyone in the Atlanta area is cordially invited.

Directions may be found on Serenity Lakes’ website. The entrance sign is on the right, just past the Jilly Mart on Club Drive, and the driveway is about 50 feet from the sign but is hard to see.  Call 678-924-6868 if you get lost.

Networking begins at 7 pm, and the meetup starts at 7:30 pm and will end at 9.  You may come and bring friends, but please RSVP on the Meetup website at

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Serenity Lakes Wellness CenterThe Logical Soul for Atlanta Entrepreneurs Meetup Group has a new location!  Serenity Lakes Wellness Center, located just south of Lawrenceville, Georgia, is a larger and nicer setting that we had in Norcross, and will provide a much more tranquil setting for all future Meetups.  All LSAE Meetups are held on the second Wednesday of every month, with networking starting at 7 pm and the meeting going from 7:30-9 pm. 

Debbie McDermott is the owner of the Center, and has generously offered to host our Logical Soul(tm) meetings and workshops here.  Ms. McDermott points out that, in addition to the two gorgeous lakes and manicured grounds that greet all newcomers, the Center also features a bookstore, meditation and consultation rooms, outdoor sitting areas, and a walking meditation Labrynth.  If you are in the Atlanta area, visit to reserve your spot for Wednesday, May 12th!



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Social Marketing Means Connecting

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Social Marketing Workshop

If you are as old as I am (few people are these days) do you remember sales training where you learned to stick your foot in the door,  talk a lot, guide the conversation, overcome objections, and push the product before they got buyer’s remorse?  I do.

Consequently, I used to think (and rightfully so at the time) that the words “selling” and “marketing” were bad words.  Thankfully I found out the definition has really CHANGED in this age of the Internet and Social media!

This past weekend, I had the privilege of spending quality time with some of the premier Social Media (Social Marketing) experts in the country.  Gina Gaudio-Graves, Ron Capps, and Mike Wesely shared their success stories, love and wisdom with a small group of us gathered at the Defoor Center in Atlanta – an event sponsored by online marketer, Phil Cullum.

The biggest thing I walked away with is this:  Selling online (or off-line)

Michael with Gina G

Michael with Gina G

 does not mean pushing stuff onto people they don’t want.  Selling and social marketing means connecting with the customer first, getting lots of feedback, customizing products and services based on this feedback, and delivering them in a way that really serves the customer. 

 The Internet has transformed the way we do business into a much more customer-oriented community.  By getting to know each other as friends and associates, “marketing” becomes simply another word for social networking and connecting heart-to-heart.


Mike Wesely, et al.

Mike Wesely, et al.

Ron Capps, the NicheProf

Ron Capps, the NicheProf

Michael Craig was a call-in guest on their Blog Talk Radio Show “Niche Radio” on Saturday (see link below)!


Atlanta Internet Marketers Meet

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Guest Don Myers

Radio Guest Don Myers

Last night’s radio broadcast of Logical Soul Talk (the interview with Don Myers) was made from a downtown restaurant before the monthly meeting of AIMM (Atlanta Internet Marketing Millionaires), a group of dedicated online business folks who gather to share ideas and network.

The brainchild of Latron Thorne and assisted by Mastermind expert Nancy Gerber, AIMM’s main function is to serve its dozen or so members as a kind of practical think tank for creating websites and driving business.  This past meeting we all learned how to connect with one another via various social media sites.  Although most members are professionals, we still needed a nudge to get this done . . . and it was!

Personally, I attend this group to stay connected with brilliant minds and big hearts, and to learn more about membership sites, online shopping carts, and how to set up teleseminars and webinars.

Currently, AIMM is closed to new membership, although guests are welcome from time to time. There are tentative plans for offer online courses related to the material covered.  Stay tuned to this website for updates.

L-R: Donny Gamble, Jim Foster, Devon Brown

L-R: Donny Gamble, Jim Foster, Devon Brown

L-R: Sam, Devon, Don, Nancy, Cassius, Tommie, Donny

L-R: Sam O, Devon B, Don M, Nancy G, Cassius J, Tommie P, Donny G

Michael2The first monthly meeting of the Atlanta Logical Soul for Entrepreneurs (Wednesday night, February 10th at 7:30 pm) was an unqualified success.  Eleven people attended – a little better than half-capacity – and the group stayed interested and involved until well after 9:30 pm when the meeting was supposed to be over.

Dr. Michael Craig gave a presentation and demonstration of the theme of the program – the Logical Soul ™ – and how it can be used to quickly overcome mental and emotional limitations with money and business issues.

At the heart of the matter is the Cycle of Manifestation that is aAudience1ffected by hidden decisions that interrupt the normal flow from thought to desire to action to achievement to fulfillment. By short-circuiting this process with hidden agendas and decisions, we short-circuit our success on many levels.

Dr. Craig demonstrated on a volunteer to give a graphic illustration about how this works . . . and how to change the hidden decisions without too much hassle or trauma.  He tested the volunteer for beliefs stored in the body – deep subconscious memories – and showed how decisions arising out of these beliefs can guide our thoughts, behavior and ultimate outcomes.  Some of the statements involved:

  • How much are  you worth?
  • How much can you accept?
  • How much can you easily earn?
  • How much can you act on attracting?

MichaelA statement was made related to each issue, then tested with a “yes” or “no” response from muscle testing.  By making distinctions between the true and false statements, we were able to map out the beliefs of this volunteer and discover the “lynchpin” decisions that held  her beliefs in place.

After clearing her decisions, there was a lot of buzz and excitement.  All seemed eager to learn the technique, a few people bought books, and all said they would be back in March.

If you are interested in reserving your spot for the next Meetup on March the 10th, please do so right away.   See you there!