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In Memoriam: Stuart Wilde

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stuart wilde

Stuart Wilde, Metaphysician and Prophet

World renown Author and metaphysical teacher Stuart Wilde is dead at age 66.  He was the subject of a special one-hour Logical Soul® Talk interview that aired recently in February.

I was notified of Stuart’s death by E-mail to his “A-List” on May 10th.  It read, in part,

“Friends and Family sadly announce the passing of globally respected Author and Metaphysical Teacher Stuart Wilde.  Wilde suffered a fatal heart attack on a scenic drive through Ireland on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013.”

Personally, I found the news both disturbing and at the same time peaceful.  I felt sad for my loss, but also truly honored to be part of a conversation with this great man before he passed.  His wisdom is now immortalized, not only in our interview, but in the more than 20 books he wrote and published on Spirituality and Personal Development that translated into 27 languages.  Books like The Awakening and The Trick to Money Is Having Some! sold millions of copies worldwide.

Says his spokesman Tom Lishman, “Stuart’s sudden departure from the physical realm was very shocking . . . He touched the lives of so many people, and he will be greatly missed.”

I will personally miss him, as will so many others. You can get more details about this great teacher and prophet at


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Mayan Prophesies and 2012

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mayan prophesies

Mayan prophesies?

It’s getting to be that time of year when everybody wants to freak out about something or other… the budget, the economy, gas prices, and now Mayan prophesies about next year’s (2012) apocalypse.   Take your pick of poisons.

I just received an urgent Facebook posting from a writer friend of mine who  wrote a lengthy parallel between our modern culture and the Mayan’s.  In this tome, she extrapolated numerous examples of how and why we are heading off the cliff, but offered no real solutions that I could see.

I admit I must agree with her:  there are no real solutions when we are speaking in global or universal terms.  There IS as solution, however, if we choose to focus on what arises within us – our Logical Soul(R) – and take inventory of the thoughts we allow to run our lives!

Below is the Reply I posted on her Facebook page.  Your thoughts?  Pls feel free to add to this.


I agree with you that people should “wake up, look around, and make the changes necessary for a mentally, physically and spiritually triumphant life, now and forever…”   But how?? Should I fill my bathtub full of water again on 12/20/12?  Or do as my lawyer friend does – study his chart every day and call me up to complain when  that “that damn Mercury is in retrograde again!”

I feel that part of the problem is the over-anxiety about the problem – if there actually IS a problem!  A bigger problem that I see is the slowing of the solar wind and resulting loss of the heliosphere. But there’s not much we can do about that either.

I prefer to take comfort in the fact that anxiety and hysteria creates its own fuel – usually for no other reason than simply to propagate itself.  Sometimes it helps to read further for balancing views.

Mathematician and scientist Maurice Cotterell, for example, has done extensive research on both Egyptian and Mayan cultures.  In his book, The Tutankhamun Prophecies (Bear & Co., 2001), he says that solar cycles are central to both cultures, and computed that the zodiacal equinox precession began about 2,150 years ago, when Aries moved into Pisces.  He further remarks that the precession will repeat itself in 25,800 years, and that “Nowhere in the decoded writings of the Mayas does the date of 2012 take center stage.  Nowhere is it given special status.”

I’m just sayin’…

I don’t know what will happen in 2012 any more than anyone else does. I do know, however, that there are a bunch of Mayan prophecy memes circulating out there, and that most people are addicted to the continued drama.  This fear and drama – more than the supposed event itself – is probably what’s keeping our third eye closed.

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Giving Thanks for New Friends

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My wife Brigitte and I lost the last of our parents (my Mom) a year ago.  Over an eight-year period they all died and left us feeling a bit empty.  While we both still have sisters and their families, they are scattered between Tennessee to Germany and we simply felt no motivation to travel this year.

jason oman

Jason Oman

Jason Oman and Meri, his Mom, graced our home this Thanksgiving and broke bread with us for most of the day and evening eating, talking, brainstorming and laughing.  This was a particularly memorable event for us – one we will cherish for a long time.  Besides being a brilliant and talented entrepreneur, Jason is also – like his Mom – a giving soul with a big heart.

Jason is currently collaborating on a new book with Rachel Young called  Conversations with Female Millionaires, which should no-doubt be another best-seller.

Jason’s first book Conversations with Millionaires – made it to #1 on the Amazon best-seller list back in 2001, and he even wrote a book on how to get a best seller.

The remarkable Mr. Oman is currently making a home for himself and his extended family in the Atlanta area.   He was in the process of moving to the city last year with I interviewed him on Logical Soul Talk, and I’ll have him  on again (hopefully with Rachel) when his new book is published.

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Actor Will Smith is one of the brightest lights in the Hollywood spectrum.  He is also one of the most committed and authentic human beings in a world that has become increasingly cynical and selfish. 

Watch the video below.  The 10 minutes spent will be the best gift you can give yourself today.

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Jesse Roberson

Jesse Roberson

Jesse Roberson, a Computer Science major at Georgia State University, has joined Logical Soul LLC as an Intern.  Beginning this summer, Jesse will be heading up online marketing and promotions.

“I really look forward to applying my studies in such a practical way,” said Jesse during a recent interview.  “I was impressed with the style and substance of what Dr. Craig was doing, and thought it would be a great source of learning and inspiration.  I went to the meetup the other night, and it was awesome.”

The 23-year old Mr. Roberson, currently lives in Smyrna, but was born in Douglas, GA and received his Eagle Scout award in 2002.  He has an Australian Shepard dog named Mason, and enjoys a wide variety of activities from art to fishing.

This one hit close to home. My wife is a German citizen and former part-time resident of Pune, India during the years her master Osho was alive in the 70’s and 80’s.  To this day she speaks reverently about those days and her wish to return someday soon.

Something terrible happened to the German Bakery there this month, however, that tried to shake the happiness of those who only knew Pune as a retreat from the world’s craziness.  Personal and group Transformation happens in different ways.  Some are more violent than others . . .

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For all my criticism of medical failings, there is one area in which medical doctors excel:   EMERGENCIES. These professionals are very adept at saving lives when death is imminent, and I would trust their advice on this completely, especially when it comes to heart attacks.

My friend Steve just forwarded to me an important email:

“This was sent to me by a physician’s assistant and she asked that we forward it to the people we know so that a life may be saved. Please take the time to view this video on the new, easier method to save someone’s life.”




Please view the video, then refer others to this post.

You may save someone’s life!

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Michael Craig with Dr. Wade

Michael Craig with Dr. Wade

Dr. Brenda Wade has agreed to write the Foreword to the soon-to-be-published  The Logical Soul.

Dr. Wade is a clinical psychologist, a well-known television personality, and a popular public speaker who lectures widely across the country.  She is the relationship contributor for NBC’s Today Show, and heads up the Love and Money Summit that was first held in Savannah, Georgia last September.  I was one of the speakers at that event.

Dr. Wade reports that the Logical Soul™ sounds similar to some work she does, and wants to do a session soon, as well as write the Foreword. She also requested having me speak at some of her future workshops and seminars in California and elsewhere, and I readily agreed.

I also spoke with Brenda on the phone the day my Mom passed away, and she was very supportive and helpful in my time of sadness.  Its a great honor to know Dr. Wade, and I’m blessed to have her on our team!

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“Moral Hazard” is a term coined by banks and insurance companies to determine the economic risk they face when they lend or insure a property for more than the property is worth. This is a risk because there is NO incentive, then, for the owner to take care of – or finish paying for – the property.  It is a type of delusion that can only lead to failure and loss.

Moral hazard applies mostly to economics – more specifically to large ticket consumer items like real estate and cars.  Its intrusion can eventually lead to bankruptcy of a nation or economy.

This type of hazard  also has parallels in other fields and can manifest itself in multiple ways related to the “Theory of Unintended Consequences.”   This theory says, in essence, that while we may set out to do something helpful and constructive, we often end up creating the opposite results to what we intended.  Here are some examples:

Relationships: One person might consider themselves “compassionate” when, in fact, they are an “enabler” that allows his or her partner to get away with proverbial murder.  The other partner has less and less incentive to contribute to the relationship, and it eventually falls apart.

Health: Moral hazard in health arises when you do a few “healthy” things to feel good, like drinking diet colas and eating yogurt.  These deeds give you the illusion of adding to good health when, in fact, they are only hiding your hidden decision to stay addicted to whatever you’re addicted to.  As long as you continue to push the other stuff like smoking, no exercise, overeating fast foods, or doing drugs, you will eventually be pushing up daisys!

Personal Growth: Personal growth only takes place when there is a dynamic present that spurs you to make a decision.  If you have lived a life of poverty, personal growth takes place when you resolve to escape it.  If you suffer ill health or loss, personal growth comes about as a result of drastic measures on your part to improve your condition.  The “moral hazard” comes in when others take this away from you, or soften the blow to the point where there is little or no incentive to take action.

Government appears to be the greatest enabler of our generation, and The Theory of Unintended Consequences was probably conceived with government in mind. Check out this video . . .

For most of the history of mankind, men and women have striven to survive by killing, cutting, plowing, and taming their environment.  In the beginning, the world was a very hostile place, and mankind needed every survival skill he had to adapt.

The current, modern world view, i.e., love and cooperation, did not wifely take root until mankind had sufficiently subdued natural forces such that they were no longer an immediate threat.  Even so, mankind still rails against nature and makes war on other men. Regardless of the modern-day consequences, we are still trying to “fix” ourselves and the world around us to fit our view of what we consider to be “safe” and “good.”   

In the field of health care, for example, there are two opposing paradigms – or world views – that are each vying for attention:  medical versus holistic.  Each have their advantages and their disadvantages.

Can we win this battle?

Can we win this battle?

The first paradigm we will consider is the Medical Model. This world view was born from the Newtonian-Cartesian idea (from Sir Isaac Newton and Renee Descartes) that each individual is like a “clock” that is, essentially, a machine that operates  as a closed system, i.e., the body and its “parts,” or functioning organs.

The Medical Model dictates that, when something goes wrong, we “fix” it.  This paradigm attracts some of the best and brightest minds in the world – those who know how to really fix things quickly with skill and determination. This model, therefore, works best for emergencies, i.e., things like broken bones, bullet wounds, sudden poisoning and  other first aid crises.

The Medical Model does not, however, work so well (long term) for chronic illnesses or emotion-based disorders, i.e., cancer, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and anxiety-related disorders.  Doctors are still taught to treat all disease as an invader, and to make war on the bugs, viruses, bad cells, and other soldiers of this “invading army.”

But all war has casualties . . . AND very expensive!

If an organ malfunctions and we can’t fix it, we operate to remove it.  If cancer is detected we either cut it out, poison the body with chemo toxins, or blast the body with deadly radiation.  Once that’s done, the doctor will continue to observe the presence of the “enemy” cancer cells in the patient, and try to kill them over and over again, whenever they appear.

If the patient doesn’t die in 5 years after all this destruction, he or she is considered “cured.”

With other chronic diseases, such as arthritis,  medical doctors can only teach people how to “cope” with the symptoms, while “research” looks for more efficient ways to “tell the body how to stop fighting itself.”

The problem is, disease may be a product of faulty internal wiring more than an “army” of invaders . . . but we’ll cover that alternate paradigm in my next installment.

The other problem is that there is no incentive to find a valid cure, even if it could be found using this paradigm.  The “research” will continue as long as it remains funded, and alternative approaches are never considered – regardless of clinical effectiveness – so long as they don’t fit the medical paradigm.

Is this the fault of the medical doctors?  No.  They are overworked, and only doing what they learned the best they can.

When presented with these types of a illnesses, most medical doctors are instructed to follow “the protocol” for each specific disease, mostly to avoid any claims that they didn’t “do their best.”  Even if they know this protocol will eventually lead to the patient’s death, they must follow the “rules” or risk a malpractice suit and/or loss of their license!

Robert Mendelssohn, MD, laid out this dilemma and more in his ground-Confessions_Medical_Hereticbreaking book Confessions of a Medical Heretic, first published in 1978.  In the book, he blasts his associates for “benign neglect” and called for doctors to reconsider and change their current paradigm for the benefit of the patients, themselves, and the world at large.

Dr. Mendelssohn has since passed on, but his banner has been taken up by others, and change seems to be coming slowly but surely to the increasingly-outdated Medical Model.

The SECOND health care paradigm is the Holistic Model. I’ll cover that in the next installment.

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