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Powerful Relationships – Part 2

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Tonight I had a “moment” with my wife and got angry. It was one of those discussions about money and finances that we are loathe to have because it is usually so uncomfortable.  Usually its because both of us spend too much – me on business things and her on home items and gifts.

This time the problem surfaced because – of all things – good news!

We just received another offer from some people to buy our former home.  Great!  But with this news comes the moment of decision – how and where to actually put this windfall?   Predictably,  Brigitte started in on me about what I said before (but don’t remember) about where we should put the funds, while I fretted and fumed, and alternated between victim and tyrant.

I suddenly knew we had another “teaching moment” to get clear on what it was we actually wanted.  so we cleared our energy using muscle testing, then were able to talk with one another like adults.   Together we decided that we would need to bring in a third party to tell us what to do.  Obviously, we didn’t know how to get out of debt – and STAY out of debt – or we would have already done it!

DaveRamseyFPI mentioned wanting to attend classes based on the book Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey.  Brigitte wanted us to go to Debtors Anonymous meetings.  Maybe we’ll do both; we are committed to getting this 600-pound gorilla off our shoulders and becoming of one mind about money and finances.

New Years’ resolution? You might say so.  These resolutions become truly powerful when you can learn to let go of the emotional “stuff,” connect with the other person, and resolve to work together.  The Logical Soul ™ makes this much easier.

We plan on attacking this problem head-on . . . and may your 2010 be equally as potent!  Now if we can only get the Federal Government to do this . . . !!

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Home Again & Lots to Do

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Despite the sadness after the funeral of a loved one, life goes on.  Home again last night, today brings the inevitable onslaught of things that cry for attention.  We are now heading north to pick up our beloved ragdoll cat “Mr. Pookey” from some friends and then work on maybe someday somehow if we have time . . . taking down the Christmas lights, tree and decorations.

Monday will be another busy day.  Also, for those who did not know how to get to the “Baboo” Video on YouTube, you can click on the YouTube label, or just click on this link now to leave your comments.

Thanks again for your wishes and support.

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More Memories of Mother

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My mother, Barbara (“Baboo”) Cannon Weatherly McWaters, was buried this morning at Hillcrest Cemetery in Dandridge, Tennessee after a brief service and sharing of memories.    She was born and lived most of her adult life in Savannah, Georgia, and moved to Tennessee to be with her daughter Page Dawson and two grandsons Christopher and Patrick Thompson. She died holding my hand early the morning of December 31st.

You can read more about her life in her obituary notice.

Words cannot adequately describe such a loss, but for all those who knew her, here is a brief video montage of her life.  For family and all others, please feel free to leave a comment on this video at YouTube.

Thanks for your love and support.  Enjoy.

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New Years are always special, but this one was particularly so to our family. Getting over the old year will take some doing.

Before the Big Apple dropped (or Big Peach if you’re in Atlanta), the 31st of December was memorable for its final Hurrah:  the full Moon – a Blue Moon – crowds gathered at Pigeon Forge, TN and Gatlinburg for the fireworks, and all sorts of stuff happening around the world that I had no clue about.

It was the last day on Earth for my mother, Barbara Weatherly.

My sister Page and I are still working through the end-of-life details, with help from our spouses and other family and friends.  Although I still attempt to put my thoughts in this blog, my other work has essentially ground to a halt.  Somehow it doesn’t matter right now – the emails, phone calls, publishing my book, and creating courses.  So please forgive me if I’m a bit slow on the uptake…

(L-R) Page, "Baboo," Brigitte and Michael

(L-R) Page, "Baboo," Brigitte and Michael

Barbara Weatherly’s funeral will be 11 am, Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 at Farrar Funeral Home in Dandridge, Tennessee. Obituary notices will be placed in newspapers in Dandridge and Savannah (her birthplace and home town).

After the funeral, Brigitte and I are headed back to Atlanta, and back to “normal” life.  It will not, however, be business as usual.

During the time I spent with my mother, I got real clear about my purpose on this planet:  to write and teach what I know.  And what I know is the Logical Soul(tm) and how to share that with others.

I also received the gift of a deep motivation to carry out this purpose, no matter what. Apparently I had a hidden decision to never put traction to my goals and dreams.  Consequently, no matter how hard I worked, the results were not forthcoming.

Thanks to Mom, my life is again transformed.

Flippantly (and drunkenly) making just another New year’s resolution is usually a waste of time.  Most of these resolutions are merely wishes.  Unless you are able to tap into and use deep emotional experiences like birth or death, hidden decisions will not change.

Use your so-called tragedies (or celebration in the case of a new birth).  I used the event of my Mom’s death to visualize and commit to a life I wanted for myself and others but have not been able to thus far materialize.

A commitment to a dying loved one is powerful.  The combined force of deep yearning and sadness coupled with a new commitment (i.e., decision) gives anyone an ability to bore a hole through all obstacles.

So thanks again Mom; I won’t let you down.  Stay tuned for some exciting energy coming from yours truly!

Momma Weatherly

Momma Weatherly

“Baboo” died early this morning at the Pigeon Forge Care and Rehabilitation Center. She was 82.

I was with her at 5:23 AM  when she drew her last labored breath and moved on.  Just before the exit, she squeezed my hand and tried to say something.  But her tongue was so swollen from dehydration and weakness, the words did not form.  I  just held her hand, told her a story, and sang “Just As I Am,” an old Billy Graham revival hymn.  It was hard;  I had to constantly push my voice through tears of both grief and gratitude.

She passed quietly.  I felt such Grace come over me that I meditated for 30 minutes before informing the floor nurse.

Her final gift to me was also a blessing for all who knew and loved her.

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Mom’s Condition: No Change

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I’m writing this from a Denny’s Restaurant not far from my Mother’s nursing facility in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is about 6:30 am.  Unable to sleep since 4,  I slipped out of the hotel room my wife Brigitte and I rented nearby and just drove all around the deserted streets.

As soon as the doors opened at 6, I went to check on her.  So far there is little change.  I’m relieved somewhat, but know its only a matter of time.

We arrived yesterday afternoon round 4:30 pm and settled into a hotel room nearby.  I hadn’t planned to come back so soon – especially since this is the peak rental season (other than summer) in the Smokey Mountains.  But my sister called to say “Baboo’s” (Momma Weatherly’s) condition had worsened and I wanted to be with the family.

Despite the long time watching our Mom’s condition deteriorate, my sister and I still mark her passing as another major turning point in our lives.

After breakfast, I’ll be back at my vigil.  More later.

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Memories of Mother

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"Baboo" Weatherly

"Baboo" Weatherly

My mother is dying.

She’s been in a nursing home (Pigeon Forge Rehabilitation Center) for the past six months, and has taken a turn for the worst since Christmas.  She has stopped eating and may not live to see the New Year.

Obviously I’m grieving over this eminent loss, and wanted to get out a few words about her before I might lose the urge to say anything . . .

Barbara Cannon Weatherly McWaters (a.k.a. “Baboo”) was born March 27, 1927 in Savannah, Georgia, and has lived a full life.  She married my father Earl Weatherly (1921-1990), raised two wonderful kids, and found the time to become one of the premier artists in Savannah during the 1960’s and 70’s.  She loved painting “hard edge” abstract painting,s but also did portraits to earn some extra cash.  She was one of the original founding members of Gallery 209 on River Street in Savannah.

She married Roy McWaters (d. 2002)  in 1993 and moved to Tennessee to be close to my sister Page and her two grandkids,  Christopher and Patrick.


I just wanted to share this with my followers and friends to ask for your prayers and thoughts.  There is nothing more you need do.  Thanks just for being there.

If my postings are missing, a little aimless, or sporadic over the next few days and weeks, you’ll know why.

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Merry Christmas!!

For some Catholics, this is the time of rest, after the festivities of the previous week.  For others – particularly Mexicans – the gifts won’t come until February!

It’s a happy day anyway, for most who experienced a Christian upbringing.  This is a day of joy and goodwill towards your fellow man (even if you can’t stand them the other 364 days of the week).

In honor of Christmas Day (a.k.a., another excuse), I present “the rest of the best” public offerings by those whose lives somehow got entered into the “funny joke of the day” category:







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Merry Christmas Eve! My wife is German with Catholic upbringing, so I have to partake in the family “Christmas rituals” for THE most Holiest of Catholic Days – even though there is only 2 of us (and Mr. Pookey the cat).  This means evening Mass, caroling, opening presents and generally acting out her childhood as best we can.

Growing up Southern Methodist, my Christmases were a little different.  For one thing, we had to wait until Christmas Morning (not Christmas Eve) to open presents.  Then, after the wild flurry of gift-wrapping all over the living room, we adjourned to the outdoors to compare Santa gifts with all the other neighbor kids. More on this tomorrow . . .

So, in honor of Christmas (a.k.a., anything for an excuse) here are the rest of my favorite funny publications.  Enjoy!







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Funny Jokes ‘n Stuff

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Hey, it’s almost Christmas (Merry Christmas, by the way), so I thought I’d take it easy for the next few days and share some of the lighter stuff that’s come across my desk.  Enjoy these ‘Christmas Jokes’ and be Merry!!!!








BackinTime Correction

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