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“Coach Phyllis” E. Reardon B.A. (B.Ed.) M.Ed is a life coach, author and speaker who spent most of her life in the service of others as a coach . . and she’s offering her services on the air!

She will also be on hand to answer your questions on the air on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 during a special 30-minute Logical Soul Talk radio program starting at 6 pm ET – part of our “Guest Coach Month” series in April.  Get your problems solved and questions answered!  Listen to the show online, or call in to listen and/or ask Coach Phyllis a question at (347) 843-4544.

So take this special opportunity to look at your life, evaluate what you want, and let Coach  Phyllis help you find the right path for your passion and needs.  During the show, the full focus of her coaching is on you.

To get ready for your call, however, Phyllis asks that you make notes based on the following questions:

1. What do you want in life or at work?

2. Do you have any goals?  If so, what are they?

3. Are you willing to be held accountable for your goals?

Research has shown that the more clearly defined your goal, the more achievable it becomes. Even so,  goals on their own do not guarantee your success. Just look and see how often your own New Year resolutions succeed . . . for most people it comes in around an 80% failure rate!

Coach Phyllis points out the reason for this is because most New Years goals are never clearly defined in the first place.  You may fail simply because the strategies you employ are unsound or unsuitable for your needs.

Tune in Tuesday to find out how to develop some strategies that suit your needs and goals! 

Coach Reardon’s life certainly qualifies her to coach others about life.  She spent her life as a mother of four, teacher, counselor and life coach, and is convinced people have much more potential than they think.

In the mid 1980’s she co-founded an alternate school for disenfranchised inner city youth.  This experience lead her to return to university at the age of 43 to complete her Masters degree in Educational Psychology (Counseling). Today her individual coaching and success workshops help individuals grow themselves and their businesses.

She is the author of three books, all published on Amazon: Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions, Know Your Strengths, and Life Coaching Questions.

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Income at Home Secrets

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Income at HomeAre you interested in earning income from home? If so, Logical Soul LLC has created a new resource for you to check out.

Visit and start getting the REAL news on what its like in the Home-Work trenches, as well as practical tips on how to make that all-important shift from employee (or unemployed) to a home business entrepreneur!

We will cover topics like

  • Earn Money at Home
  • Work from Home
  • Earn Money through Internet
  • Internet Home Business
  • Easy Home Business
  • Google Money
  • Ideas to Make Money
  • Online Business Ideas
  • Law of Attraction
  • Regular Quotes on Success
  • Work at Home Scams

and will also cover some of the material we’ll be offering in our future Success Workshops.  This is also the place where you will find the Money Matrix Method(tm) products, webinars and coaching, and connect with like-minded work-at-home folks really want to shift their money capacity gear into “High”!



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logical soul bookAs you may know by now I am a former chiropractor/acupuncturist, meditation instructor, and author of The Logical Soul (available through  Amazon). I wanted to start sharing my story in some future posts, since many have asked me how I got started.  So today I’ll give you an overview.

I taught meditation (TM) back in the 70’s and became a chiropractor in 1983.  As a doctor, I came in touch with – and learned – most of the techniques developed for my profession, and was considered by most others to be a good and capable doctor.

Despite my care and diligence, however, I noticed over the years that results from adjustments and other techniques were hard to come by.  Through no apparent fault of my own, results were often mixed, marginal, or frustrating.  While I was able to affect positive changes in more than half of those I saw, I was hard-pressed to determine (if I were completely honest) that these changes would not have happened on their own without my intervention!

The ones who didn’t respond to treatment caused me the most concern.  These patients would often return with the same ailments or problems, despite my treatments, and often despite their having been to dozens of other practitioners, therapists and psychologists.

After years of trial and error, I was able to narrow the deeper cause of disease to memories and patterns in the mind and nervous system.  There seemed to be an underlying self-sabotage going on that patients didn’t know about, and that frustrated all my attempts to override.

To find the remedy I dove into more psychology-based studies like hypnosis, visualization, meditation, affirmations, and other behavior modification techniques, looking for answers to help my patients get better faster.  Yet even after treating these underlying “causes” the problems still came back.

Years later I finally had to admit that the main reason things like hypnosis and visualization seldom worked is because there was a lack of coordination and cooperation between these things we call the “conscious” and “subconscious” minds.  In fact, they often seemed to be at war with one another.

Further research led me to conclude that the so-called “subconscious mind” was actually a living being with its own awareness, logic and motives. It was, therefore, separate and distinct from our conscious “being,” the one we normally think of as “I” or “me” . . . the one who thinks and makes conscious decisions.  As so-called “individuals” we seem to actually be TWO people inhabiting a single body – a type of psychic Siamese twin without each of them knowing the other existed, except as some vague abstraction!

You see, we in the western world have a habit of looking on our subconscious mind as a “thing” to be overruled or circumvented.  I found, however, that the results seldom follow when techniques based on this approach such as hypnosis, affirmations, and other direct programming methods, are used.

Then back in 1991 I accidentally discovered the key to accessing the subconscious being without hypnosis or other tricks we normally use to bypass our conscious defenses.  I also discovered this inner being has its own intelligence – and knows ALL our tricks!  It was very much alive.

Upon digging deeper, I found that Hawaiian Huna cosmology matched my discoveries to a “T,” and that behavior modification can only happen with this cooperation and synthesis between these inner and outer beings.  There has to be a good enough reason – both inside AND outside – for our lives to really change!

We don’t need to program our subconscious mind . . . we only needed to get his or her permission! I called the method of finding deepest motivations and changing the decisions related to the The Logical Soul®.

Most people don’t have access to the deeply-rooted hidden decisions that run their lives. These “matrix decisions” were laid down at the same time our bodies and nervous systems were forming.  Using Applied Kinesiology (AK) and various modes discovery and access, I have been able to find and change hidden matrix decisions with remarkable results.

Get the book and change your life today!

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My good friend and colleague, Dr. Brenda Wade, is hosting the Love, Money and Seva Summit in San Francisco this December 9-12, and I want to personally invite you to take a “vacation with a purpose” and join us! Brenda’s vision is to cut the American divorce rate by 50% in 2015!

At the Summit I’ll be presenting the Money Matrix Method(tm) as a way to overcome deep-seated resistance to accepting, earning, and keeping money! I am writing diligently to finish my book before the publication date set in early 2011.

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The Money Matrix

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money matrix method

The Money Matrix

Do you have negative thoughts about money? Are you concerned about your ability to accept money? Earn it?  Collect it?    Have these fears and concerns been with you as long as you can remember . . . and run your life and keep money away??

If so, you’re not alone!  “Money issues” are the #1 concern for Americans these days, and solving this problem is an urgent one for millions of people!

Now there is a simple solution . . .

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you know that the Logical Soul(tm) technique deals with money issues, but it also helps with a host of other issues that don’t have anything to do with money.  Also, some people still don’t understand how the “soul” connects with this problem.

While I created a course called “Branding from the Soul” that addresses the problem, it is a longer-term solution.  My clients and friends have been asking me to create a faster solution – one that addresses ONLY the money issues.

They also wanted a method that

  • gets immediate results,
  • is easy to understand,
  • easy to use, and
  • requires very little training, effort, or special knowledge.

I got it. Last week I started formulating just such a method to resolve negative money issues.  It is called THE MONEY MATRIX METHOD(tm), and can be used to address a long-standing problem, i.e., your ability to get past all the negative  stuff you’ve inherited about money and simply get on with making money!

The response so far has been very positive.  Here’s how it works:

The “money matrix” itself is a connected pattern of decisions we made as small children, or inherited from our parents and ancestors, that runs our financial lives.  No matter how much we may want to succeed, these decisions (most of them hidden and locked away in the subconscious mind) dominate our thoughts and actions.  Why?  They are based on our subconscious yearning to SURVIVE, plain and simple.

Unless you know how to get access to these decisions and change them, you will forever be controlled by them . . . and get the same results you’ve always gotten. Even techniques like hypnosis and NLP cannot change these decisions since most of them are beyond our individual awareness and control.  If we don’t know which decisions are running our lives, how can we change them?

Changing your hidden money matrix may sound complex, but actually its not.  It is a simplified version of The Logical Soul(tm) procedure and can be done by yourself or with a partner or friend.  Details will be available soon at

Check it out, and start living life without all the “money issue stuff” you’ve been dragging around!

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sales training


Do you own or run a company with a sales force? Ever wonder why some sales people produce and some don’t . . . or they get mixed results, hit and misses?  Do your own sales people wonder about this also? Do you wish you had a way to consistently hit higher sales targets?  If so, I have a proposition for you…

For the last 18 years I have perfected a technique called The Logical Soul(tm) – a more powerful way to transform personal results than anything I’ve seen on the market today.  The only problem I had was helping potential clients and customers to ‘get it’ on a gut level . . . that is, how could I sell this idea without going into lengthy explanations??

After extensive feedback, I finally came up with a solution:  take a small or medium-sized company that wants more sales (like yours?) and work with their salespeople for up to 4-6 weeks. Also promise to increase sales or conversions of 25% or more . . . and do it all for FREE!!

Why am I making this ridiculous offer?  It’s simple.  I want to show my methods work and can produce the results I say they can.  I also want testimonials and referrals.  My reasoning is that it is much easier to sell MY product and service once I have a proven track record.

So here is my offer: I’m willing to provide FREE SALES TRAINING – using methods centered around the Logical Soul(tm) – for up to 4-6 weeks to any company wanting to be a part of a bold experiment that may dramatically increase their sales.

The company for this experiment must ideally have:

  • SIZE: A sales department consisting of around  5-20 people,
  • LOCATION:  Atlanta area, or a willingness fly me out and provide lodging during the training period,
  • STABILITY:  A low-to-medium turnover rate amongst salespeople, a proven product or service with consistent sales, existing sales data, and
  • COMMITMENT TO GROWTH:  An ownership and sales force willing and committed to work with me to do whatever it takes (legally and ethically) to affect a positive change in both sales and conversions.

We will agree on the base-level results, and then analyze growth figures over the training period.  If growth happens at or beyond the minimum levels expected, the company and sales people shall provide me with:

  • Five or more video testimonials reporting results, and
  • Permission to use the company name, logo, names of owners and sales people, and testimonials in all my ads and promotional material.

If I cannot, for some reason, affect a change in your company’s sales and/or conversions, then guess what . . . you have invested NOTHING except a little time.  This offer is a no-brainer for that company which can act fast.

Interested, or know someone who might be? Write me ASAP at drcraig[at] I will be advertising for companies, but wanted to give my blog readers a head-start.  🙂

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$17 Special Offer Ends Monday!!

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logical soul book

Soon to be a Best-Seller!

SORRY – This offer is already closed out. Thanks for your support!!


The Special Discount Offer for my 6-month course Branding from the Soul ends Monday at 12 Noon! (Note: The clock is actually set to expire at 1 pm ET, giving you a one-hour extension).

If you haven’t done so already,  SIGN UP HERE to get in under the wire and get instructions on how you can get $4,000 worth of value for only $17, and by buying my book between 3 and 4 pm!!

So don’t delay . . . DO IT NOW! The Sign-Up Page is automatically set to disappear at 12 Noon 1 pm, October 4th, and this offer will no longer be available.

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logical soul book

Soon to be a Best-Seller!

If you havent’ done so already,  be sure to SIGN UP on my SPECIAL DISCOUNT LIST to take advantage of a HUGE offer I’m making for those who want to take my 6-month course “Branding from the Soul” ™ which starts October 4th at 12 Noon.  

Those who sign up can earn more than a 96% Discount (!) just by buying my book and telling a few friends. 

Don’t delay . . . DO IT NOW!  The Sign-Up Page is automatically set to disappear at 12 Noon October 4th, and this offer will no longer be available.

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Logical Soul Book Launch Date Set

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Branding from the Soul

Branding from the Soul

Well, it has finally happened . . . I set a LAUNCH DATE for my book The Logical Soul, and the Branding from the Soul 6-month course! That date is October 4th, 2010.

Here’s the deal: since I want my book to be a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon, I am willing to make a very special offer to anyone who signs up just to get information BEFORE the October 4th launch date.

Here’s a hint: Buy a book, refer a few people, and get 96% OFF my 6-month Branding program, PLUS other great offers  – that’s over $4000 in value!!

Intrigued?  Simply enter your name and e-mail address to be a part of my Special Notification List and I will send you all the details.

By the way, there is no obligation to pay for the course or buy any books.  I just want a list of those Entrepreneurs who are serious about turning their passion into CASH, and want to learn how to get the  Branding Course, practically for FREE! If you want to learn about this and other offers, however, be sure to PRE-REGISTER to get all the great and timely details!

ALSO, do you know anyone who would like to be able to turn his or her passion into CASH or steady income?  If so, be sure to send this blog post to them or refer them to the sign-up page.

This offer will NOT be available after October 4th, and you really need to sign up earlier to get all the details . . . so ACT NOW!!

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Love and Money Summit Rescheduled

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International Love & Money SummitThe International Love and Money Summit, originally scheduled for this weekend in San Francisco, has been rescheduled for December 9-11, 2010. Since Brigitte and I have non-refundable tickets, however, we will be going anyway, and seeing a few private clients, staying with Dr. Brenda Wade, and soaking in some Frisco Vibes.

You can still order your tickets, however. During my trip out west, I will make sure this is the biggest event in years . . . especially if some heavy sponsors (like Oprah?) come on board…

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