Coaching and Sales: Can You Effectively Do Both?

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Hugh Liddle, Sales Coach

Hugh Liddle is proud to admit he’s a salesman.  “Without sales,” he points out wisely, “nothing in this world would ever get accomplished!”  He uses the example of how the simple act of selling yourself to your spouse is enough to make the world go ’round.  Hugh will gladly share his abundant wisdom – and reveal how to take the “Icky” out of sales – on Logical Soul Talk during a one-hour special program airing from 6-7 pm ET on Tuesday, July 23, 2013.  Listen online or call (347) 843-4544 to hear the show by phone.

Liddle is the CEO and Head Coach at his own firm, Red Cap Sales Coaching, that trains salespeople and sales teams worldwide.  He is author of the best-selling book Selling for Fun and Profit: Taking the Icky and Scary Out of Sales, and appears several times each year at seminars and on various media channels.

I met Hugh Liddle (the name is a misnomer since he’s over 6 feet two!) at a recent event and learned a few thing about myself and my approach to what I considered “selling.”  In the past I was trained to either hammer prospects over the head until they bought something to get rid of me or I’d gravitate towards the opposite tactic, i.e.,  I would not ask them to buy at all!  Neither of these worked very well, by the way.  Gradually over the years I came to discover and embrace my own style which included lots of support and education for potential clients and customers.

Mr. Liddle, however, was able to present to me and others in a very concise way, how sales is nothing more than serving your prospect or client in such a way that he or she feels respected, served, and truly valued.  If you are a coach and trainer, this will directly affect your bottom line by learning how to merge the “sales talk” with the “coach talk” such that your prospect will WANT what you have to offer!

During this special presentation, my guest will reveal: 

  • How to Sell when you’re NOT a salesperson.
  • How to overcome “Seller’s Block’ and procrastination
  • How to use a verbal contract to remove the fear of sales
  • How to ask questions effectively
  • How to know how much information to provide… and
  • How to ask for the sale, overcome objections, and followup effectively.

So whether you are a salesperson, business owner, trainer or coach, you don’t want to miss this complete sales training clinic with a master salesman.  TUNE IN TUESDAY at 6!!


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