Cosmic Awakening: Nothingness and Fullness


Some time ago, when I was in the neighborhood of 12 or 13, I used to be fascinated by astronomy.  I learned the names of all the constellations, all the stars,  how the Milky Way was just an average one of many galaxies, what a light year was, and how many billions of them could be used to determine unfathomable distances.

These years of dedicated devotion paid off with a growing sense of wonder and inner fascination.   It  made me realize how utterly small we as human beings really are . . . and how little our daily squabbles seem by comparison.

Then I had an epiphany.

One summer night I lay in my back yard sprawled out on my back, looking up at the moonless night sky.  I must have laid there for hours, becoming more and more awake by the moment until, with a sudden flash, everything expanded.  I felt the earth move beneath me as I slowly but surely disappeared!  All that was left was the sky, the body, the earth, and . . . nothingness!

That nothingness, however, was also complete fullness.  Its difficult to describe, so I refer you to the following video which expands that concept to a point much further than human understanding:

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