Darren Jacklin’s Motivation: How to Make The World Your Oyster


Darren Jacklin specializes in showing people how to get what they want. He has spent years figuring out how to help himself and others speed up the process of change, and increase their motivation.  He now wants to share his discovery with Michael Craig’s listeners on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, July 10th, at 6 pm ET.  (Normally you can call into the show and speak with Darren, but because he will be traveling during the time of the show, his call will be pre-recorded.)

If you want to learn how to utilize your resources and maximize your productivity in order to become more successful in both your business and personal life. be sure to tune in!

Mr. Jacklin says he likes to share his enthusiasm, and turn motivation into SUPER motivation.  He explains that naturally-motivated individuals  find opportunities all over in the world around them, and believes that the world can  be your oyster if you just  keep making decisions and taking action.

Come join Darren and Michael as they share ideas that will take both your enthusiasm and your performance “To da  HNL” (Hole ‘Nuvva Lebel)! 

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover your inner strength and motivation.  This will be a very lively discussion!


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