Detox Your Mind Naturally: Begin Where You Are


The Logical Soul(tm) is a method whereby the mind can detox naturally by addressing both the conscious and subconscious yearnings for happiness.  This happiness can take two forms:  restful and active. similar to meditation, the Logical Soul(tm) technique allows the mind to go to a place of resolution where it finds the greatest happiness, both inside and out.

Sometimes this resolution will be restful, and sometimes active, depending on the need of the person at the time.  I learned over the years that there is a way to harness the power of what Maharishi called “the inward and outward strokes” to where it can have a faster and more direct effect on the mind and body than merely waiting for those effects to surface through years of meditation.

Group Meditation

Group Meditation

I used to teach meditation (Transcendental Meditation, or TM) back in the 70’s.  One of the biggest complaints I would hear from people at the time was “I can’t meditate; my mind is too busy.”

In fact, I still hear this from my wife whenever I suggest sitting and closing our eyes.  She practiced a different “meditation” – what I call the “Hoopin and Hollerin” a.k.a. Dynamic Meditation. Followers of OSHO – a.k.a. Sri Rajneesh – learned this in India and on “the Ranch” in Oregon in the 70’s and 80’s as a sort of cathartic release method that ended with silent eyes-closed meditation.

Although I’ve tried Dynamic, I much prefer doing a few Asanas or yogic postures, then sitting comfortably with eyes-closed. It more adequately addresses my need to be lazy.  I start from where I am (lazy) and go within rather effortlessly. My mind will detox naturally, beginning from a relaxed state.

active meditation

active meditation

The key here is: start where you are. If you are the very active type (like my wife Brigitte), you are usually in a state of motion.  Therefore it is only logical that you start there.  Personally, I find this approach taxing to my system, so I seldom do it. My “active meditation” is to do Logical Soul(tm) sessions and ride my unicycle.

Different strokes . . .


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