Families Are Forever – Like It or Not


I just spoke with about two dozen relatives about a family reunion coming up in March.  This is significant only for the fact that one of the biggest pieces of the Logical Soul work came together after I agreed to organize a reunion back in 2008.

Michael with Mary Tootle, age 95

Michael with Mary Tootle, age 95

I discovered the missing link to ancestral influence, i.e., that decisions based on our past – even by those we never met – can affect our current-day relationships, health, motivation, and even finances. I call there “ancestral decisions,” and they are much more anchored than we can imagine.

As I spoke with my kinfolk, I began to feel the fear, hope, and love that binds us and makes us feel connected.  Some of them – like my aged cousin Mary Tootle – has a special way of bringing out a huge wave of love every time I speak with her.

Family can do this when nothing else can. I need it now especially since I just said goodbye to my beloved wife Brigitte who is visiting her family in Germany, and will be attending our neice’s and nephew’s church confirmations their in Munich.  (Gruss Gott, ya’ll . . . Nicola und Christoph!!)

If you’re having problems with your family, get over it!

In fact, resolve to love every minute of their nagging, bitching, moaning, anger and fear. Right in the middle of some upset, go over and give them a hug (I know its not “cool,” but we are always so worried about looking good we don’t have time to see what’s right in front of us!)

We all want to be loved, and the best way to get it is to give some.  Tell each family member at some point that, because you won’t live forever,  you want ensure that love remains a legacy for those who follow you both.

Love family members – right now! This is the best gift you can give YOUR descendants . . . and heal your ancestors at the same time.

Do it today.

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