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Do you own or run a company with a sales force? Ever wonder why some sales people produce and some don’t . . . or they get mixed results, hit and misses?  Do your own sales people wonder about this also? Do you wish you had a way to consistently hit higher sales targets?  If so, I have a proposition for you…

For the last 18 years I have perfected a technique called The Logical Soul(tm) – a more powerful way to transform personal results than anything I’ve seen on the market today.  The only problem I had was helping potential clients and customers to ‘get it’ on a gut level . . . that is, how could I sell this idea without going into lengthy explanations??

After extensive feedback, I finally came up with a solution:  take a small or medium-sized company that wants more sales (like yours?) and work with their salespeople for up to 4-6 weeks. Also promise to increase sales or conversions of 25% or more . . . and do it all for FREE!!

Why am I making this ridiculous offer?  It’s simple.  I want to show my methods work and can produce the results I say they can.  I also want testimonials and referrals.  My reasoning is that it is much easier to sell MY product and service once I have a proven track record.

So here is my offer: I’m willing to provide FREE SALES TRAINING – using methods centered around the Logical Soul(tm) – for up to 4-6 weeks to any company wanting to be a part of a bold experiment that may dramatically increase their sales.

The company for this experiment must ideally have:

  • SIZE: A sales department consisting of around  5-20 people,
  • LOCATION:  Atlanta area, or a willingness fly me out and provide lodging during the training period,
  • STABILITY:  A low-to-medium turnover rate amongst salespeople, a proven product or service with consistent sales, existing sales data, and
  • COMMITMENT TO GROWTH:  An ownership and sales force willing and committed to work with me to do whatever it takes (legally and ethically) to affect a positive change in both sales and conversions.

We will agree on the base-level results, and then analyze growth figures over the training period.  If growth happens at or beyond the minimum levels expected, the company and sales people shall provide me with:

  • Five or more video testimonials reporting results, and
  • Permission to use the company name, logo, names of owners and sales people, and testimonials in all my ads and promotional material.

If I cannot, for some reason, affect a change in your company’s sales and/or conversions, then guess what . . . you have invested NOTHING except a little time.  This offer is a no-brainer for that company which can act fast.

Interested, or know someone who might be? Write me ASAP at drcraig[at]logicalsoul.com. I will be advertising for companies, but wanted to give my blog readers a head-start.  🙂

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