How to Get More Coaching Clients, Part 2


how to get more clientsYou got into Coaching or Consulting to help people but find that no one is breaking down your door to get coached?  You’re not alone.  The fact is, you probably are selling your services in ways that are actually driving prospective clients away!  So what to do??

Tune into Dr. Craig’s second installment of a 2Part series on “Six Steps To Double Your Coaching Income… In 2 Months!” on Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 at 6 pm ET.  On this show, Dr. Craig will lay out the final three steps, i.e., 4) Create a Lead Capture Page,  5) Drive Targeted Traffic, and  6) How to Convert Leads into Clients.

 Don’t miss this wrap-up to some dynamite content!

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