How To Get More Coaching Clients


how to get more clientsYou got into Coaching or Consulting to help people, right?  I got that.  You are probably very good at what you do too.  But do you know how to get clients . . . paying clients?? 

Many coaches or consultants are not.  For some reason, finding, getting, and continually serving clients by offering them more of your products and services is too often the weak link in most coaches’ business plans.

Tune in to Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 6 pm ET for the First of Two segments entitled “Six Steps To Double Your Coaching Income… In 2 Months!”  On this show, Dr. Craig will lay out the first three steps, i.e.,  1) know yourself,  2) understand your niche and the 3) free giveaway.


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