Giving Thanks for New Friends


My wife Brigitte and I lost the last of our parents (my Mom) a year ago.  Over an eight-year period they all died and left us feeling a bit empty.  While we both still have sisters and their families, they are scattered between Tennessee to Germany and we simply felt no motivation to travel this year.

jason oman

Jason Oman

Jason Oman and Meri, his Mom, graced our home this Thanksgiving and broke bread with us for most of the day and evening eating, talking, brainstorming and laughing.  This was a particularly memorable event for us – one we will cherish for a long time.  Besides being a brilliant and talented entrepreneur, Jason is also – like his Mom – a giving soul with a big heart.

Jason is currently collaborating on a new book with Rachel Young called  Conversations with Female Millionaires, which should no-doubt be another best-seller.

Jason’s first book Conversations with Millionaires – made it to #1 on the Amazon best-seller list back in 2001, and he even wrote a book on how to get a best seller.

The remarkable Mr. Oman is currently making a home for himself and his extended family in the Atlanta area.   He was in the process of moving to the city last year with I interviewed him on Logical Soul Talk, and I’ll have him  on again (hopefully with Rachel) when his new book is published.

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