Going from Nuthin’ to Success with Scott Schilling!

scott schilling sales trainer

Scott Schilling

Scott Schilling recently published another best-selling book: Without Customers…Ya Got Nothin’!   If this sums up the state of your life coaching business, be sure to tune in to what this remarkable sales coach has to share for a full 60 minutes on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012, starting at 6 pm ET.  As always, you can listen to the show online, or call (347) 843-4544 to join the conversation or just listen on your phone.

Schilling is the founder of Schilling Sales and Marketing, Inc.—an organization committed to providing Inspired Answers to Today’s Challenges through speaking, training, consulting, coaching and implementation strategies. Scott brings over 30 years of life experience in sales, marketing, training, and speaking to corporations, business owners, and entrepreneurs.  He has presented at over 1,500 events in the last 6 years alone sharing the stage with General Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, former first-lady Laura bush and many more.

An Internationally acclaimed Trainer, Speaker, Author, Success Expert and Philanthropist In other words he’s an expert at turning goals into practical applications for his coaching clients.  He writes, “I feel extremely blessed to be able to follow my heart and passion to help others through sharing years of experience across a range of industries.  When asked what I do, the short answer is: ‘I help people, help people!'”

After spending more than thirty years in the sales, marketing, training, management, and speaking arenas, Mr. Schilling is uniquely qualified to help you achieve the success you desire by showing you simply how to add value to your customers and clients.  If you are a life coach, he will show you how to turn “Nuthin'” into a six-figure income – and even more – in a very short time!

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