Good Samaritan, Part 2


I agreed to meet with Marvin this morning at 8 am to retrieve my Day-Timer wallet.   Sure enough, around 8:20 he showed up bearing this important item I had foolishly left on top of my car while driving off.  He found it on the street and gave me a call before I even knew it was missing.

I offered him money; he refused.  I did, however, give him an autographed  proof copy of my book, The Logical Soul, which he gladly accepted.

This was a good day… and I figured there could be a number of reasons for my good fortune:

Maybe I got it back because of the Law of Attraction -  I’m a virtuous guy and would do the same for others, so why shouldn’t it happen to me?

Maybe its because most human beings want to do the right thing.  Unfortunately this theory has been proven wrong more times than right.

Maybe its because Marvin is an alien studying the reaction of mortals.  This is a fair assumption because Marvin appears to be from south of the border somewhere…

Or maybe it was just payback for good karma . . .

But maybe, just maybe, there is no reason at all!  Maybe this is all part of “God’s rolling the dice” and my roll came up a pair of sixes.

You can pretty much pick whatever reason you like.  As for me, I think I’ll go eat supper and just give thanks.   For me this Thanksgiving season is for folks like Marvin . . . thanks Marvin; you’re a blessing.

That’s all the meaning and affirmation I need.

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