Good Samaritans Come in All Nationalities


I lost my Day-Timer wallet this evening. It contains all my credit cards and my life!

Apparently I let go of it when I got in with a handful of stuff in my arms.  I placed it on top of the car to put some of the stuff inside and remember thinking “I better not leave this on top.”

I left it on top.  It stayed that way for about 2 miles when it obviously fell off into the street.  A Hispanic fellow named Marvin found it on the side of the busy highway and gave me a call.  I didn’t get the message until 10:00 tonight and called late to schedule a meeting with him to pick it up tomorrow morning.

When I retrieve the wallet and shake his hand, I’ll probably say something like this:

“Thank you Marvin.  I know you  probably work hard for your money and, even though there was no money in the Day-Timer, you could have done mischief with the credit cards.

“You didn’t, however, and decided to do the right thing instead.  I’d like to pay you a small reward if you’ll accept it.”


With so much bad news going on daily, it’s just good to know that there are still the Marvins of the world out there waiting to do the right thing.

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