Gringo in Mexico, Liz Taylor, Unicycles & Mariachis


Yes, believe it or not, I saw a young man on a unicycle on my vacation to Mexico.

Brigitte and I were part of a group taking the city bus tour of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico and went by the ritzier part of town called “Gringo Gulch.” After we passed the house that Elizabeth Taylor owned during her highly-publicized affair with Richard Burton in the 60’s while filming “Night of the Iguana” (she since sold it), I caught a glimpe of the Uni rider stumbling down the sidewalk. A few of the other “Touristas” made a comment as well, while I sat content that my favorite sport seems to be catching on all over the world.

Our resort is beautiful, and we don’t really have the desire to go out anywhere. Check out the balcony views and Mariachi band serenading us from below:

We’ll be back home on the 22nd (can’t wait actually)!
– Michael
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