Himayalan Charities Unicycle Ride Planned

michae craig on unicycle

Michael Craig on Unicycle

I made the bold claim back in April of this year that I would be the first one to traverse the 43-mile Cherohala Skyway across the TN-NC mountains on a unicycle. Blind ambition led me to fantasize about how wonderful that was going to be, and how nice the views, etc., etc..

What I didn’t count on were the multiple problems that would arise from such an undertaking.  You see, unlike a bicycle, most unicycle riders (at least the ones I know) can’t “coast” down a hill. Downhill riding on one wheel is a scary proposition requiring a massive effort to put pressure to almost back-pedal in order to prevent an out-of-control lunge forward.  I would have to invest in some hand brakes for the wheel, then learn to use them…

And pedaling uphill – especially over multiple steep inclines – requires a leg strength and forward-falling balance that will take a long time to master.

The other problems involve traffic (heavy in the summer) and riding space (no shoulder).   And drivers in the mountains might get a little impatient with a one-wheeler blocking their path for several miles.  Without a shoulder, sharing the road with motorists is required, and one irate driver could send a poor cyclist over the mountain at any time.

I’ve naturally hesitated to make this ride . . . but now I’m reconsidering.

Bruce and Susan Keenan of Atlanta have inspired me to get involved with their non-profit Himalayan Children’s Charities, and I want to ride to raise money for the noble effort of saving Nepalese orphans from a life of poverty and suffering.

Stay tuned to the blog – from time to time I will post an update of my progress, and let you know when and where this ride will take place.  Right now I envision it will happen sometime in the Spring before the traffic gets too heavy (and dangerous), but I will let you know.

Himalayan Children's Charities

Himalayan Children's Charities

If you’re open to doing something for the orphans right now, visit http://himalayancharities.com for details on how you can donate to this worthy cause.  There is also a Donor’s Event scheduled at Tribble Antiques,  747 Miami Circle, Atlanta, GA 30324 from 6:30-9:30 pm on Saturday, November 14, 2009. Call 678-575-9912 for details and directions.

In spite of hard times here in America, the orphans in Nepal have it much worse.  Help me and the Keenans in this effort to fund a home and education for these kids.  Thanks!


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