How to Be a Best-Selling Author… Fast!

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Author Ronda Del

Ronda Del Boccio – a.k.a. The Story Lady – lives in rural Missouri, has written and published several books, coaches extensively, does Internet marketing.  She is also legally blind! 

Ronda, who has been interviewed by Dr. Craig before, will re-visit Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, starting at 6 pm ET.  During this special one-hour presentation, Ronda will reveal to Michael’s audience some of the secret tactics she used to get her 2010 best-selling book The Instant VIP! written, published and promoted.  This show will reveal how you, too, can write fast, publish faster, and turn your books into an instant best-seller.

Don’t miss Ronda’s hands-on audio workshop!

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