How to Fail by Using Affirmations


HelpDo you really think that yelling some affirmation to your spouse over and over again will make a difference in his or her behavior?

No?  Then why do we persist in doing  this same thing to our subconscious mind – the source of all feelings, memory, and unlimited intelligence and wisdom?  Our conscious mind can only direct (and is really pretty stupid).

Contrary to popular psychology and positive-motivation-teaching, the subconscious is not a “thing” that can be manipulated or turned on or off like some light switch.  It is the source of all our knowledge and power, and is wise to all our tricks.  If there were a decision made to limit money or income, it is because this is a “prime directive” that was given very early in your life that governs your actions and where you are right now!

If you really want to fail at finances, try this:  repeat “I am rich and wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.”  Do this over and over for a month.  After that period is over, one of two things will happen:

  1. You’ll discover untapped sources of creativity and wealth within yourself, or
  2. You will feel more frustrated than ever.

Obviously, the first scenario is the one whose picture is presented by all the self-made millionaire gurus out there.  They tell you that by repeating positive thoughts over and over again you get into the habit of success and money. The Law of Attraction and all that…

There’s only one problem: most self-made millionaires came into this world with – or developed at an early age – an inner resolve that can overcome any obstacle. This IS their prime directive. Without it, nobody can succeed.  WITH it, anyone can perform money miracles.  That’s why affirmations work for them, and why they think it can work for everyone.  But it doesn’t.

True, most self-made millionaires had multiple challenges and often poor upbringings.  But they also have what most of us don’t have – that “iron resolve,” “fire in the belly” or “inner direction” that eludes those of us who see failure as an option over and over again.

Given this scenario, affirmations work wonders for those with an inner resolve. For those of us less endowed, however, affirmations can only dig a deeper hole in our psyche.  Here’s how a typical inner conversation might go:

“I am rich and wealthy…”

“Are you kidding?”

“I am rich and wealthy…”

“No you’re not.  You have thirty dollars in the bank and are in debt up to your eyeballs!”

“I am rich and wealthy…”

“Do you want to fail like your brother did?  This is crazy talk.”

“I am rich and wealthy…”

“Tell you what say that one more time and I’ll NEVER let you be ‘rich and wealthy!!'”

“I am rich and …”

You get the idea.  BAM!  Failure strikes despite all your conscious good intentions.  The thing is, you’ve got to speak to your subconscious “self” the same way you would to a powerful friend or servant.  It will do your bidding . . . but only if there is no prime directive opposing it!

Go easy on the affirmations. Take baby steps.  Celebrate small successes each day.  Then your subconscious will reward you with greater and greater trust.

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