How to Get What You Want . . . in 30 Minutes!


How would you like to be able to have everything you want . . . in 30 minutes? Yeah, I know.  That’s  a little crazy, right?  It is . . . but not for the reasons you may think.

You see, most people believe it takes a long time to realize success.  I did.  I set my goals to be achieved within five years.  Then I fought for them, seeking to overcome any inner resistance and negativity.  It didn’t work.

Like me, others who are serious about success also have written goals to achieve it, along with daily affirmations.  They visualize their success, work, slave, toil and sweat… and by the end of the day, month or several years they figure they will reap the reward.

In this world, success or reward usually does take a long time.  Telling people they could have it in thirty minutes or less will only get you blank stares . . . or laughter.

That’s because most of us understand that the world of the tried-and-true success formula will work well only IF you can stick with it!  Alas, however, this is where the written goals and hard work really comes in, i.e., maintaining the persistence necessary to complete all the action steps for long-term success.

Persistence is something I had trouble with as a child or young adult.  Like many others my age I had this mistaken idea that anything could happen if I wished for it strongly enough.  Santa Claus proved that it happens.  So did Peter Pan.  Most fairy tales showed that magic was all you needed in order to turn thread into gold and weave an invisible cloth!  Wow!  What a world!

As a young boy, I believed in the “Santa Clause Theory of Reality” which looked something like this:

Desire —–>      Results

Life was simple, fast, and dependable.  Want something?  Ask Santa.  He may not bring it, but he did often enough that the yearly cycle became a part of our inner reality.    Just the HOPE of having that magic toy, or even a better one “next year,” was enough to keep us going.  

We wanted and expected instant everything. As kids, we hadn’t yet experienced the “hard knocks” our parents so often talked about. Work? Persistence?  Why bother?

Those who were persistent – like Ebenezer Scrooge (no Christmas spirit) Wile E. Coyote (too stupid), and my Dad (too grumpy) – paid for theirs with much pain and suffering.  Day-to-day business seemed to me so boring!  If I couldn’t manifest it within days, weeks or a month, move on to the next thing.  I guess I didn’t have many role models there to choose from.

I suspect MOST people lack persistence when talking about things they say they want.  This is the world of effort, willpower, and struggle and, quite frankly, few goals give us a good enough reason to persist.  Oddly enough, the struggle is mostly internal . . . but we’ll get to that later.

The Logical SoulTM shows us a world that is hidden and powerful – one that can light up our imagination, bring back our willpower, and generate solid persistence . . . naturally! This power, however, can cut both ways.  Learning how to navigate in it takes tremendous focus and dedication.  No wimps allowed!

The world I speak of has to do with BEING, not doing.  This is the world deep inside us – so deep, in fact, you may consider it to be our “soul” or the unseen power that enlivens our body and gives motivation to our every thought and action.

Your Soul is the essence of who you really are. It CAN manifest anything you truly want . . . inside.

Even in five minutes.

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