How to Launch an Awesome Fan Page

Don Myers Facebook

Don Myers - Facebook Coach

Don Meyers is rapidly becoming known as one of the premier Facebook marketing geniuses. The FanPage Attraction app he recently developed has, according to one client “increased my fan count over 80% in as little as 20 days!”

Tune in to Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 when Don will relate the story of how he survive a near-death experience, moved to Atlanta, became a massage therapist for professional athletes, and discovered the KEY to setting up optimized and profitable Fan Pages for himself and others!

Don’s coaching clients are taught to use a certain template in order to get more Opt-ins and “Likes,” and how to ensure that visitors stay longer and contribute to your page.  “The success in your Fan Page” says Don “is the measure of how much you can contribute to your online community.  Make it EASY for them to stay and take part!”

Don’t miss Don’s Facebook FanPage interview!

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