How to Save Your Business in 10 Minutes, Part 2


The Logical Soul(tm) is a process involving 4 phases:  the Interview, Discovery, Access, and Resolution (or Intergration). Each of these four are crucial for hidden decisions to change and results to “take.”

The first phase – the Interview – is taken from the Socratic method. This method, obviously, was derived from the habit that the philosopher (and “corrupter of the Athenian youth”) Socrates developed to ask questions, more questions, then still more questions, until the truth is revealed.

This 20-question approach actually pinpoints the problem needing resolution.  Without digging beyond the surface and finding that “needle in the haystack,” or hidden factor that truly motivates us, we are unable to change our results.   Period.

Brett McFall from Australia does an excellent job with the Socratic method in getting to the truth of why customers don’t buy. While he uses audience feedback instead of muscle testing the way I do, the results are similar.  Check out this second installment from the World Internet Summit he sponsored down under:

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