How to Save Your Business in 10 Minutes


Brett McFall (R) with Client

Brett McFall (R) with Client

Bret McFall, an Australian Internet Marketing success story, used to get paid $2,500 just to ask a single question over and over again.  This question, asked correctly and repeatedly, can take your business from mediocrity to success in no time.  Check out the link below to his blog and 10-minute video.

Brett’s question, by the way, is only the FIRST STEP in the Logical Soul ™ 4-Step process, and is called the “Interview.” The other three steps – Discovery, Access, and Resolution – are equally as powerful, and can be learned by anyone very quickly.

Watch Brett’s technique, and know that you can use this process with almost any problem.  Then plan to attend a Meetup Group session, or learn Michael’s 4-Step process from one of the soon-to-be-available workshops, online training course, or private session series.  Subscribe to this blog to get up-to-date notice of any and all programs as they come available.

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