How to Self Test for Truth


Muscle testing, sometimes called applied kinesiology, is a fast way to determine the reaction of the subconscious mind and body to any particular stimulus.  It is the simplest – and cheapest – form of bio-feedback available.

If a toxic or negative stimulus is introduced, or held within the energy field of the person, a notable weakness can often be induced from a formerly-strong muscle.  This technique is most commonly used by doctors and therapists to test the beneficial – or harmful – effects on the body by substances such as food, vitamins or supplements.

As a chiropractor, I used this technique with patients for many years as both a diagnostic and treatment tool.

In the Logical Soul(tm) technique, however, I use muscle testing as a way to test affirmations and statements.  Using the simple YES/NO feedback, I can quickly determine whether or not there are hidden decisions that are sabotaging my results.  In the video below, I will demonstrate a simple way to test your own statements for either truth or self-sabotage:

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  1. Pam says:

    Great video, Michael. This would be a great technique to use at a visual arts workshop to find out how the inner critic is holding back creativity. So many artists think their “failure” is from lack of talent when it is actually just negative self talk.

    I am working with a tremendous group of artists and crafters who would benefit from this and plan on sharing this link.

    By the way, are you getting younger!? Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  2. No younger Pam, but thanks! You are welcome to copy and embed this video anywhere you like. Also feel free to leave a comment at YouTube and tell others about it.