Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction


Does Hypnosis Attract Success?A friend of mine just forwarded another program I should check out because it “might be useful” for me.  My friend was right . . . the information WAS useful, but not for the reasons he may have thought.

The program he sent me to check on involved The Law of Attraction, and using hypnosis, EFT and similar techniques to “re-program the mind.”

My feelings towards these other programs are mixed.   On one hand I can see that – so far – no one yet  understands the principles behind The Logical Soul(tm), meaning my findings are unique.  On the other hand, this uniqueness tends to be a bit lonely.   Let me explain…

I’ve long had the sneaking suspicion that my discovery on that special afternoon in mid-1992 was something no one else had come across.  What I discovered that day – and ensuing days – opened up a relationship with the so-called “subconscious mind” in such a way that I could never, ever, consider it a “thing” again.

It was, in fact, such a powerful opening that I dubbed this being “The One Who Makes Things Happen” to describe its overall power in our lives.  I quickly developed a fervent admiration for this being, as well as an abiding love.  In turn, this Ku or Unihipili (Huna terms) slowly began to reveal his secrets to me.

I also soon observed that very few others had this relationship – many of whom were teaching “facts” about the subconscious mind . . . and ways to control it.  Many of their observations, however, were one-sided . . . rehashing many of the same “mind control” ideas that have been around for ages.

Observing this, I often felt like watching my favorite pet being used to perform as a circus animal.  While I didn’t feel sorry for this powerful being, I was a bit saddened that its power was being grossly under-utilized.  This so-called “subconscious” is my friend.  I therefore find it difficult to watch others try to control the power, beauty and grace of someone they don’t fully understand!

But let me back up a little . . .

So many teachers and coaches – successful, motivating, and powerful – keep talking about the same thing, i.e., the Law of Attraction. Over and over.  And that’s good!  I totally agree:  the Law of Attraction is one of the most important discovery of our time.

The L.O.A. is the way the “Subconscious Being” communicates with our Conscious Being, or mind.  It becomes the mimic – what we put in, we get out.  It is simple, direct, and immutable. Like the Law of Gravity, it always works.

The problem is not the Law of Attraction. It is the WAY success coaches teach people to harness it!  The ones I’ve seen – and there have been many – appear to use the same tired approach that has been around since Franz Mesmer titillated the ladies in the palace of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI in the late 1700’s.

Mesmer and others discovered that a master hypnotist could control, re-direct, and re-program the mind to do amazing things.  This is still true today.  While, however, this may produce immediate results, in the long-run it may also tend to produce adverse results like depression, anxiety, or even worse.

But don’t take my word for it; just look around.  Several generations so far have been subject to TV and technology addiction. Symptoms like ADHD, OCD and other disorders  almost surely result from this barrage of undiluted mind control!  Like weapons of mass destruction, hypnosis in the hands of those who seek to persuade us against our will can be deadly!

The truth is, we have been subjected to hypnosis all our lives! We were programmed even before birth to accept certain truths about the “way things are.”  This acceptance provides us with a degree of stability, albeit illusory.  As soon as a conflicting program comes along and worms its way into our consciousness, we may become agitated or upset if the change is too radical.

New hypnotic suggestions only work in cases where basic survival/moral decisions (being) and conscious logic are in alignment with the new suggestion. Otherwise, it will fail long-term but still create anxiety and depression in the subject.  One cannot hypnotize a law-abiding man, for example, to kill someone in cold blood  – unless its a sudden crime of passion.  This suggestion would go against his underlying being, and conscious logic, and would quickly create great stress in his mind, or cause him to come unglued altogether.

Or it wouldn’t work at all.  In almost every case like this, the long-term effects are avoided, i.e., murder and imprisonment.

If  one’s basic programming and logic are harnessed to support the new suggestion, it almost always “takes,” or becomes a part of one’s being. When Neo first understood the power and logic of the Matrix, for example, he became sick, but soon adapted to his new “program,” despite the completely radical shift in perception.

The conscious mind must be allowed to play a part in any new programming.   In the case of the law-abiding man hypnotized to kill, both the logic (killing results in punishment) and feeling (based on hidden decisions and programming) are against his new suggestion.  Despite that, a strong hypnotic suggestion can create an internal battle, e.g., stress, irritation, emotional upheavals, physical symptoms, and even unexpected and sudden changes in ones environment or surroundings.

For a seasoned criminal, however, the suggestion to kill may not be so radical.  If his underlying being suggests “Life is a battle and you have to fight to survive,” he will do whatever it takes if he feels (rightly or wrongly) survival is at stake.  A new hypnotic suggestion that “Life is safe, and others love you” may have NO effect on such an individual.  His being and logic will  discard the suggestion, and anxiety will arise.

Similarly, you cannot program financial success in the mind of a person who – deep down – may have made an organic (non-verbal) decision at age 2 that “success means Mommy and Daddy go away,” or something similar. It either won’t work, or will give rise to adverse symptoms. Until the person’s conscious mind as well as the subconscious being can embrace a new definition of success, i.e., “The more success I have, the more love I feel…” nothing will shift.  Real communication between mind & body (conscious & subconscious) solidifies this new decision.

Techniques like hypnosis, self-hypnosis, EFT, NLP, and “programming the subconscious mind” for success usually only works for those ALREADY prone to – or neutral towards – success.  They may do little or nothing for the majority of folks in society who live just above the level of survival! Their basic programming is often too strong to be replaced unless we can access these hidden decisions by establishing a real relationship.

Until we stop objectifying “the subconscious mind” as a thing to be “programmed,” hypnotized or controlled,   we are destined to keep searching for that relationship.

A slave cannot truly love his master.  The only way to lasting success with one’s “subconscious being” is to relinquish one-sided efforts.  Accept the reality of the underlying decisions and then negotiate!

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