In Memoriam: Stuart Wilde

stuart wilde

Stuart Wilde, Metaphysician and Prophet

World renown Author and metaphysical teacher Stuart Wilde is dead at age 66.  He was the subject of a special one-hour Logical Soul® Talk interview that aired recently in February.

I was notified of Stuart’s death by E-mail to his “A-List” on May 10th.  It read, in part,

“Friends and Family sadly announce the passing of globally respected Author and Metaphysical Teacher Stuart Wilde.  Wilde suffered a fatal heart attack on a scenic drive through Ireland on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013.”

Personally, I found the news both disturbing and at the same time peaceful.  I felt sad for my loss, but also truly honored to be part of a conversation with this great man before he passed.  His wisdom is now immortalized, not only in our interview, but in the more than 20 books he wrote and published on Spirituality and Personal Development that translated into 27 languages.  Books like The Awakening and The Trick to Money Is Having Some! sold millions of copies worldwide.

Says his spokesman Tom Lishman, “Stuart’s sudden departure from the physical realm was very shocking . . . He touched the lives of so many people, and he will be greatly missed.”

I will personally miss him, as will so many others. You can get more details about this great teacher and prophet at


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