Interview with Gabe Strom – New Economy Pioneer

Gabe Strom

Gabe Strom

Today on www.BlogTalkRadio.com (at 6 pm ET) I get to speak with young entrepreneur and social media expert Gabe Strom from Illinois.

Gabe is young in age but old in experience.  Starting at age 19 (he’s only 28 now) he has evolved into a successful online and social media entrepreneur with a very large following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and his own Ustream TV show!

Gabe is a public speaker, small business coach and consultant dedicated to understanding why 90%  of small businesses fail, and how to get more of these so-called failures to somehow do what the other 10% do consistently.  He teaches his clients to use online  video marketing to authentically brand themselves and their unique expertise, product or service.

I found Gabe just by cruising Twitter and Facebook and noticed he had oodles of followers.  Curious as to how he accomplished this, I aksed him on the show.  I also want to find out his motivation, life turning points, early influences and more.

Join me on this fascinating journey to discover what lies in the mind and soul of this future giant of this “new economy” . . . and how his success can mean business in your life!


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